Monday, April 03, 2006


Wuh-Hoo! as my daughter would say. Congrats to the University of Florida basketball team for winning the national championship.

YAY! College basketball is over!

NBA season will be over soon, too! YAY!

(I hate basketball. Yeah, I know that's lame, but I do. At least LSU didn't win it all.)

The other day on television I saw/heard a woman hosting a nationally televised program, and she mentioned julery a couple of times. That's how she pronounced jewelry.

It made me think of Dubya and how his missteps in public speaking are perceived as a lack of intelligence. I actually like that about him. I'm no great public speaker and someone in the public eye who is not slick and glossy with their look and speaking manner is someone I can relate to. Makes him/them seem more like a real person to me.

On so many blogs every speech screw up the President makes is pointed out with glee, and seems to be used as justification for some people's belief that he is dumb.

I saw an interview with Bono of U2 fame on television a while back on Ovation or some channel like that. He was talking about his political activities and how they affect the band. He mentioned the President, and the interviewer asked him since he had spent so much time with Bush, what people's biggest misconception about him (Bush) was.

Bono immediately said people's biggest misconception about him was in thinking he was not intelligent. Bono said that Bush is a VERY intelligent man.

That. From Bono. The world's living patron saint of liberalism.

Plus, even Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy have been noted as having said 'nuculer' on occasion. Besides, like the story that came out last June says, Bush had better grades at Yale than Kerry, and everybody oohed and aahed about how supposedly intelligent Kerry is during the 2004 presidential race. Just because he sounds like Thurston Howell III from Gilligan's Island doesn't mean Kerry's smart. Unpolished public speaking doesn't mean that Bush is a dummy either.

My Favorite Time Of Year In Florida
This is a picture of some of the blossoms right now on our tangelo tree.

Yeah. I know that cherry blossoms are out for those who live near or have cherry trees. Dogwoods are doing their beautiful magic too.

But living in Florida, I get to see/smell the best of them all.

Orange Blossoms.

In all my life, I have never smelled anything that even comes close. Like a mixture of honeysuckle and gardenia. Absolutely wonderful.

We have a navel orange and a tangelo tree in our back yard, and sitting out on the back patio is mighty fine right now. Last year our trees had almost no blossoms and of course very little fruit because of hurricanes Jeanne and Frances hitting us in 2004, but this year both trees are white with blossoms. And the smell! There's just nothing else quite like it.

So, although the orange blossoms don't show up visually as pretty as cherry or dogwood, the smell is in a class by itself.

Thanks, God.


Emily said...

Wow, Bono is my hero. Ok, not really, but I'm glad he said that about Bush though. I thought he(Bush) was smart from the very beginning and that everybody gave him way too hard a time on issues they most likely didn't fully understand themselves. Or at least that's the deal with people my age.

Keep up the awesome writing! Thanks for the link too! :) said...

Hello - I have a question from my family in frozen Ohio to yours in wonderful Florida - which I did manage to visit many years ago while in Junior High School... (Stuckeys pecan logs,wonderful sunsets, bugs on the windshield, outdoor-living architecture, that clean moist warm air in the lazy evenings!, etc, Wow would I have a different take on it as an adult, I imagine!). At this time of year, even in the old ring suburbs, we have gotten ready for the long snowy months that start in January by laying in supplies so we don't have to go all the way out to the store just for a few whatevers. We read a lot, cook those complicated or hearty baked recipies, and look over the seed catalogues dreaming of the next garden. That is, unless we put on lots of layers of wool and the latest fabric technology can offer and hurtle ourselves down hills and across frozen lakes, etc. But a major piece of time is spent planning for sweet Florida, not California - no, no, no - FLORIDA Minneola Tangelos. We buy them at the West Side Market in Cleveland, a great place to visit, where fresh fruit and vegetables are sold in the open air and the market building contains butchers, bakers, vendors of cheese, spices, teas and get the idea. Anyway, the question is because a man that Dad buys fruit from also works in the larger wholesale regional produce market. He told Dad that the Florida Tangelo market has been cornered by someone - all Tangelos grown this year are being bought by some one mysterious (and probably very wealthy and of good judgement) person, so no Tangelos will be available for purchase!!! I can't begin to describe how upsetting this is to my Dad, who in his 80's knows what's good for him and what he likes - and he asked me to try to find out, from the internet, who bought them. I haven't been able to find out anything so far. I have found small vendors so I can order some for him dirctly from the growers, (whew!) but the question is, who bought them up? Have you heard anything? Do you know who would know? It seems very un-American to do this, in a way, and of course we will not starve due to a lack of these treats, but it seems to me to be one of those questions that, once asked, ought to be answered! I am hoping it is a scurrilous rumor, like a gigantic game of telephone gone awry among fruit sellers, but because you have these great photographs of the tree in your yard, Google directed me to you, and looking at your excellent evocative site I thought you might have some input...