Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Warning: Political Rants

Retired Generals
Former general and one time presidential candidate Wesley Clark better watch out. Looks like we got another half dozen or so former generals taking pot shots at Bush via attacks on Donald Rumsfeld.

Let me see if I get this:

We lost almost 60,000 soldier's lives in Viet Nam, and lost the war.

Russia was in Afghanistan for about 9 years, never won, and lost about 15,000 soldiers.

America defeated the Afghanistan Taliban in a matter of weeks and have helped the people set up a fledgeling democracy. US deaths, about 400.

America defeated the Iraqis in a matter of weeks and have also set up a fledgeling democracy where 70 percent of the country went to vote, repeatedly, knowing they might be killed. US deaths, about 2400.

Yes there is still work to be done in both places. Yes insurgents from all over the arab world pour into Iraq and Afghanistan and try to kill our troups and the new armies and police. I know this.

But Donald Rumsfeld is an incompetent who needs to be fired? Come on people. Give me a break.

Methinks Wesley Clark might have some competition setting themselves up for the next presidential race.

Illegal Aliens
Man this whole illegal alien thing in the US is getting all out of hand. I mean, now the illegal aliens don't like being called illegal aliens. But I personally still call all illegal aliens, illegal aliens.

I grew up being picked on because I was fat. I never let it bother me much because, hey, I was, and am fat. Come on, use your brain if you have one and tell me something I don't know. Besides, I was bigger than most of them, and you know that the bigger they are, the harder they hit.

Not only that, but I'm a fat, white, Christian, politically conservative, male. Just myself, I fulfill five of the last bastions of America where it's considered ok to be openly disrespectful and to call names.

Take your average liberal on DailyKos or wherever as an example. Any time they speak about Rush Limbaugh, they get to the fat, white, male insults within three or four sentences. And these knuckle-heads are the politically correct crowd, right? On the moral high ground and whatnot? And Rush Limbaugh hasn't been fat in years now, but they tear into him like a starving dog with a fresh sirloin.

So these same folks immediately call anyone who refers to illegal aliens as illegal aliens racists and bigots.

Go figure. Seriously, is that all ya got?

But I for one will stand firm and continue to call illegal aliens, illegal aliens.

Because that's what illegal aliens are, illegal aliens.

Lou Dobbs
CNN business guru Lou Dobbs is now target number one for the illegal aliens and the carpetbaggers who are using the illegal aliens to press home their socialist/communist, excuse me, 'progressive' agenda.

We ought to all watch Lou Dobbs as much as we can and inundate CNN with support letters and emails for Lou Dobbs to counter the illegal alien's attacks on him.

Why are the illegal aliens and their handlers doing this? Because Lou Dobbs has the stones to speak out bluntly about the REAL cost to America and the drag the illegal aliens put on the country's economic situation.

So the illegal aliens now have it in for Lou Dobbs because he is speaking the unvarnished truth about illegal aliens and their cost to America and Americans.


That is all. Carry on.

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