Friday, April 28, 2006

Gasoline Prices

This is El Presidente pointing at Lovely Wife and I and saying "You-uns aughta do whatever you can to save pertrol... patram... gas. Yeah, that's it. Savin' gas is good for 'Murica, and all 'Muricans should save... Gas."

Lovely Wife and I acknowledged the impact of the higher gas prices by switching cars this week. My commute is mostly up and down I-95 and Lovely Wife's driving is mostly running all about town for her job as necessary, for her Mom and Sister, and various family related tasks.

I usually drive the '99 Camry, which gets really good mileage and Lovely Wife is usually in the six cylinder 2002 Taurus which eats a lot of gas around town, but is newer and has fewer miles. I would rather risk me breaking down in the older car than her, but on the highway, the Taurus gets a dramatic increase in mileage, so we switched to try to minimize the impact of rising gas costs.

I'll see in a few weeks how much this is saving us.

Lovely Wife was also nice enough to take the poodle plate off the front, and the poodle magnet off the rear of the Taurus and put them on the Camry. (a magnet like the one to the left, which looks EXACTLY like one of our poodles, Lilly)

But she did leave me the pink foam flower on the tip of the radio's antenna, just like this one. :)

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