Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm A Goner For Sure If...

Splenda ever tests out to be bad for you.

We've used Splenda for about five years in our home. I drink lots and lots of good ol' southern sweet tea (or simply, 'ahs tea'). But, trying to avoid sugar and other white processed things, we switched from sugar wherever we can.

Yeah, I know Splenda is white too, but it's pretty much calorie free and as such a better choice than sugar. I had gotten to a point where drinking sugary things and eating things like white bread and pasta made me feel terrible. I'm talkin', like-I-was-drugged terrible.

So I've been trying what is basically a diabetic eating lifestyle, but trying to stay closer to what Dr. Atkins promoted. Also, Splenda, mixed with some sliced strawberries, will pull out the juice like sugar does. And berries don't have many carbs. Yummy.

I have gotten so used to diet sodas and making my tea with Splenda that I prefer them over ones with actual sugar. It's as if the ones with sugar are oily or something and I get barracuda breath really bad with the sugar drinks.

I Wonder...
While I'm on the subject, does anyone else out there think that maybe the soda manufacturers intentionally make the diet drinks taste not quite as good as the sugary ones?

I have had people at our house that loved our sweet tea, yet also claim to hate any and all artifically sweetened drinks. If you don't tell them it's Splenda, they can't tell, but diet sodas, even the ones using Splenda, have a bit of the 'diet soda' taste. I mean, if I can make tea and foods at home with Splenda that even people who supposedly hate artificial sweeteners cannot discern, why don't the Splenda sodas taste as good as the regular sugary ones?

I think it must be part of the vast right wing conspiracy Miss Hillary warned us about.

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