Sunday, April 23, 2006

Rolling Stone Magazine

I saw the following cover on the new Rolling Stone and stupid me, just had to look inside.
I flipped to the Bush article by Sean Wilentz and read the first paragraph.

This is how he started the second paragraph:
"From time to time, after hours, I kick back with my colleagues at Princeton to argue idly about which president really was the worst of them all."

Oh, really?

Punk almost lost me right there. I realized that this is just another liberal elitist at a hoity-toity university bashing Bush. I mean, if that sentence is true, what a fun bunch of guys this must be.

Seriously, he could have just said something like: 'My friends and I have talked about bad presidents…' or something to that effect, but NOOOOOO, its he and his colleagues at Princeton blah, blah, blah. What an exclusive club you're in there Sean, ol' buddy. Truly. We're all impressed.

Yeah. Whatever. He sounds just like the snotty character in the movie Good Will Hunting that Matt Damon's character one-upped in the bar scene with Minnie Driver's character. I wouldn't be surprised to hear Mr. Wilentz has referred to himself as an 'intellectual' before, like the self-important often do.

Pin heads like this are dragging down great old schools like Princeton.

Rolling Stone makes it so easy to decide not to buy their magazine.

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