Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thanks Hillary

When I was growing up in Loozie-ana, I heard every kind of conspiracy theory and crackpot story I think was out there. The guv'ment's gonna take our guns, etc., etc., etc. The only thing is, most of these stories and theories were from the far right end of the political spectrum. Excepting of course your basic UFO stuff which seems to attract converts from all across the political spectrum.

At any rate, the far right of America seemed to be king of the hill on conspiracy stuff.

Then came Hilary Clinton. Her little blast against 'this vast right wing conspiracy' during an interview with she and Bill during the 90's really turned the tide. Now you can go to liberal leaning web sites and blogs and hear the same kind of craziness that used to be held against right wingers; only now coming from the left. She opened the flood gates and now liberals have just as many, if not more, morons out with their theories on everything. The 'stolen' presidential election in 2000. (Yeah. Uh-huh.) Hanging chads. (Some people are too stupid to be allowed to vote.) Ohio in the 2004 presidential election. I could go on and on.

But it seems it was good ol' Hillary that turned the tide and now the left MORE than balances out the conspiracy knuckleheads on the far right.

And while in times past even being a little to the right of center on politics had you lumped in the same category as the bozos, this is thankfully no longer true.

Thanks Hillary, you've helped the voting public see that the far left is even freakier than the far right.

I spoke in an earlier post about people using the word pandemic now instead of epidemic. But today I want to talk about the word 'healthful'.

Back in the good ol' days, when people weren't in the habit of jumping on every newly popular word and promptly stomping it into the dust, I could buy a salad and have a 'healthy' meal. To lose weight or to improve one's health, one tried to eat only 'healthy' foods.

But I haven't heard anything about 'healthy' food in a long, long time.

Everyone now uses 'healthful' in place of 'healthy'. Now one is cautioned to only eat the most 'healthful' foods. This carrot is a 'healthful' addition to your diet, and so forth and so on. And I literally haven't heard a health or exercise type on any TV show or radio use 'healthy' in quite a while. They ALL say 'healthful'.

Sounds pretentious to me. I don't like it. So I make sure to use only the word 'healthy' in conversations. (Example: I am learning to eat healthy foods and hope not to get sick in an epidemic.)

Man. Am I special, or what?

I'm just sayin'…

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