Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Living In Florida Sucks!

I hate Florida.

I have this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off, and the weather is supposed to be sunny all three days with highs of 82 degrees F.

This past weekend, our swimming pool's screened enclosure was repaired (finally) from damage in 2004's hurricanes Jeanne and Frances. We're getting the whole area under screening cleaned up and the pool cleaned out and in general getting ready for some swimming and for charring some animal flesh on the ol' grill.

Sometimes it just sucks to be me.

The same guy that repaired our screening over our pool and patio also repaired and rehung our gutters all around our home.

I'm more jazzed about having level, cleaned out gutters than having the screened enclosure in the back yard fixed.

I'll bet my neighbors appreciate my non-sagging gutters more than I do, though.

Gas Prices
I saw that gasoline costs 60 percent more than it did in 1985, but that the legislators in Washington's are making 120 percent more in the same time period.

Where's the whinin' and cryin' over that?

Why do we need someone to blame for gas prices going up? Have Americans become so pathetic that we have to have some one person to blame for everything?

I guess so, but it's just market forces folks. China and India are competing for the same oil we want so it costs more. Our environmentalists have clogged up US drilling for oil in deposits WE KNOW we have in the US, so why cry when gas prices go up?

Oh, forget it. I'm just wasting my breath.

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