Monday, April 17, 2006

The Many Musings Of A Manic Monday Morning

Went to heaven, excuse me, Barnes and Noble yesterday afternoon and seriously promised myself I would not buy anything.

Of course within three minutes I had found a re-issue of a book I had wanted twelve or thirteen years ago. AND it was in the cheap, buy-this-and-get-it-out-of-our-store section.

Being from Monroe, Louisiana, and a guitar nut, I had been enthralled by a coffee table type book that came out in the early 1990's about the guitars of master luthier Daniel Ferrington.

Go see about it HERE.

Mr. Ferrington is also from Monroe and in fact graduated from Ouachita Parish High School (pronounced WASH-itaw), the same school my wife graduated from. He was there a few years before my wife though.

He moved to Nashville and made custom guitars for a lot of famous country music folks and later moved to LA and did the same there for some pop/rock icons. It is a fascinating book by one of the few truly original luthiers out there. I thought it was cool that we are from the same area.

The book is big and well-done and comes with a CD of many famous musicians/singers playing their Ferrington guitars.

Mucho cool.

Cheap Candy
With yesterday being Easter and all, today you can probably get some killer deals on left-over Easter candy.

But I'm on a pretty strict diet when it comes to sweets, so would somebody out there buy some Cadbury Cream Eggs, eat them, and think of me? Maybe even write to tell me how they were?

I love Cadbury Cream Eggs.

Notorious Bank Robbers
When I was ten or so and went to my local Baptist Church, I was in Sunday School and Galileans with two boys named Frank and Jesse James. They were really nice kids though, but why would their parents saddle (ha, ha) their sons with names like that?

I hadn't thought of those guys in probably twenty years or more. Wonder where they are now?

Don't Try This At Home
I also went to Sunday School there with another kid who held a .22 bullet over a fire with a pair of pliers to see if it would go off.

The answer is yes. The bullet went through his hand.

I've done some dumb things in my life but never anything that dumb.

I Can't Believe We Did That
At this same Baptist Church, when I was about ten or so, we created a haunted house for Halloween. At the church!

Can you believe that? Why in the heck would the adults at a Christian church have us create and act parts in a haunted house on Halloween?

Halloween is the very antithesis of what Christianity is about!

And me?


Us kids didn't know any better and I now find it almost impossible to believe the adults put us up to all that.

It's a wonder we had enough sense to get out of the rain.

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