Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sorry About Yesterday's Angry Post

Yeah, so I admit that yesterday's post was a bit angry. Angry for me that is. I don't hold a candle to the real political bloggers out there, though.

Yesterday I had to go to a meeting at another facility of our company's and had to take my car. I heard the five minutes of news a the top of the hour on the radio and it just kinda got under my skin. So I talked about those things when I got back and ate lunch.

So sorry for the departure from the normal useless drivel.

Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program:

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Many, many people have started hating Tom over the past year. He and Ms. Holmes are on the news all the time and people are freaking out over his every word and action.

I have decided to start liking Tom Cruise. I'm a sucker for liking things that everybody else hates. From now on when someone bad-mouths Tom or Katie I'm gonna let 'em have it.

So here's a big shout out and congrats to Tom and Katie on the birth of Suri yesterday. I wish you all health and happiness and big box office.

I Wonder Why...
On TV and in movies, non-Asians always use chopsticks to eat Chinese food. And when they do, they use them like a fork. Sit up straight. Reach down and pinch a bite of food with the chopsticks and bring it to your mouth and eat. And it's always lo mein or a piece of chicken that can be pinched and held with chopsticks. They NEVER show them eating rice with chopsticks. They had a big scene like this on last week's episode of the Criminal Minds television program. It was lame.

Now how is that different or more chic than using a fork?

The ONLY way I have ever seen Asians use them is to hunch over a bowl that is right in front of their mouth and use the chopsticks like a rake to push food over the edge of the bowl into their mouth. They may be able to do magic with chopsticks, but that's the only way I've seen them actually use them.

And the Americans make it look as if you better not be pathetic enough to eat with a fork or spoon. That would mean immediate exclusion from the 'cool' group.

Yeah, like I care about that.

Where's my fork?

And everybody twirls their spaghetti on TV and in movies. No cutting up the pasta or you mark yourself as a total loser.

But I saw a poll a couple of years ago which showed that, in America, 51 percent of people twirled their spaghetti and 49 percent cut it up and then ate it. I felt better about myself after reading that.

Count me in that 49 percent that cuts up my spaghetti. AND... I like my spaghetti sauce chock-full of ground beef. And lots of oregano.

How shameful. I would make a terrible Italian.

But I bet I could impress some Italian grandmother somewhere with the sheer volume of groceries I can put away.

Where Did The 'People Die In Threes' Theory Come From?
Lovely Wife is a big believer in this one.

I have no response to that. But I would like to know how it started.

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