Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weekend Post

Where I live, we receive a Christian television station out of Orlando. Late at night on Saturday/Early Sunday they broadcast a 'Top 10' of the most requested music videos of the day. This is actually a tape from the cable channel TVU, which we don't get on our cable system. Anyway, It's the only way we have right now of actually seeing new videos from the Chrisitan music scene, similar to the way MTV used to be back in the day.

For a couple of months now, they have had a video on there that is just hanging in the top ten. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster is the name of the group and I've not heard anything quite like them. It's as if Lynrd Skynrd got really hard and heavy. It's like some new variety of southern rock. They are the freshest thing I've heard in quite a while. Which is strange because I have never liked the whole southern rock thing. I dislike Skynrd, Molly Hatchet, etc. I know. I'm a freak of the south because of this. But hey, we like what we like and dislike what we dislike right. I love anchovies yet hate boiled shrimp. Plus I'm from Louisiana, so don't expect too much.

So, go to their MySpace site and play the song Tough as John Jacobs.

I thank y'all 'll lahk it. Anyway, I do. A lot. Gotta try to get the CD this week. Rock on.

This is something that not many Christians will talk about, but I suffer from depression. I have major depression and take medicine for it.

Last few months, things have been getting bleaker and bleaker in my mind and I went to talk to my doctor. After our talk Dr. thought to try me on some new medicine. Well let me tell you, it ain't workin'. I have to try to get to see the Doc tomorrow, or asap. Gotta make a change quick.

But I'm hangin' in there, dudes and dudettes. Not to worry. I just had two almost-meltdowns this past Friday and Saturday. Had a major panic attack this morning, but as long as I can see and recognize that I'm having problems and talk to my wife (God bless her patient heart) about what I'm dealing with, I have plenty of support. But my medicine change has not been for the better.

That's mainly why I didn't write for the past two days. And if you (Christians too, don't hide it like I did for years) think you are depressed, talk to someone, ok? If you do nothing else, at least talk to your regular family doctor. If he or she is even half-way competent, they'll have some questions for you and maybe prescribe a medicine to help, or to refer you to someone who can. Please do it. It has made a huge difference in my life, and that's why I'm keeping my wife and doctor up on where I am mentally. Sometimes the meds have to change, but like high blood pressure or another ailment, they can eventually find meds to help you. I'm just having to go through the process again right now.

If you pray, please pray for me. If you don't belive in God or prayer, some good thoughts sent my way would be appreciated too.

Guitar Straps
I needed a new guitar strap for my new SX strat copy. (See earlier posts) I found a nice long Levy's garment leather strap on Friday. It is a tan color and is plain, but really nice looking and it's really soft and comfy. I am bigger than your average guitar player and it takes more strap to go around me and still have the guitar where I like it, not way up at my chest like many bass players keep their bass. Turns out that as I looked at the straps I have for my guitars and bass, every one of them that I actually like and use are made by Levy's. I am not a paid endorser. I just bought what I like over the years and it turns out that every one I like is a Levy's strap. My new one is a M7G. I like the strap to grip my shoulder, so I looked for two things, length and a 'grippy' underside so my instrument won't slide. Those polyester things you can buy for a few bucks slide too much and they have some cool ones with design I love, but that slickness drives me bats.

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