Thursday, March 09, 2006

Talent and Cowbells

Talent is an amazing thing.

My wife and I help out at our church with the youth on Wednesday nights. We hope to get a youth band together to let them lead their own praise and worship. I can play guitar ok. I'm a decent strummer but can't play leads or anything like that. Well, last week a few young guys, 15 or 16 years old, said they could play. Last night, after the service I was talking with them and as they had brought their guitars, I wanted to see them. They took them out and played a little bit, a couple of electrics, and although they aren't pro level, they are already way ahead of me as players. I know talent when I hears it! So I'm thinking, cool, now there won't have to be a fat, middle-aged guy in the youth band! But then the youth minister, Mary, asked me if I was willing and able to play bass if needed. Well, yeah, I guess so.

Oh, well. At least with bass, I could stand in the back and try to disappear. As if a 6foot2, 300 pound man can just disappear. So, last night I get the old jazz bass copy out and practice a little while. All the while scheming on how I can talk one of the other kids into playing bass. We'll see how it goes. It will be a while before we have a group together and learn some songs anyway.

Need More Cowbell

I'm hoping I can just help organize, find guitar and bass tabs, or figure the songs out on my guitar and just manage and produce. I could be like the Christopher Walken/Bruce Dickinson character on the classic SNL skit and yell, "Need more cowbell!" Yeah, baby. This could be fun!

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