Thursday, March 23, 2006

Saturday Evening Post

Back Pain
Pain, pain
Go away
Come again some…

Wait. Tell you what. Just go away and never come back. Mmm-kay?

Lobster Man
Have you seen the Vonage commercial on TV? I’m talking about the one where the guy speaking about Vonage is on a city street, shot from the waist up, with a revolving door in view behind him. The speaker is positioned to the left side of the screen and a guy in a red lobster suit is handing out leaflets in the background to people coming out of the revolving door. Lobster man gets upset, throws down his leaflets and tries to enter said revolving door, only to get his lobster tail stuck. This is all going on while the man in the foreground is trying to tell you about Vonage. But the way it’s filmed, you almost have to watch lobster man and when the commercial ends, you wonder “What was that commercial for?”

I just don’t understand why they would pay good money to hawk their product in a way purposely designed to make you NOT pay attention to the facts about that product.

Seems pretty dumb to me. No telling how many times I saw that commercial before I finally listened to the man and learned that it was about Vonage, a VOIP internet phone service.


Sometimes Being Lazy is Confusing.
Remember those kiddie spy kits where you wrote in invisible ink and then the receiver had to color over your paper with the counterpart to your invisible ink pen to make the words appear? Well, I was trying to be lazy and just copy/paste some stuff I wanted to keep from a web site onto a Word document. Some quotes I liked and whatnot, but the words didn’t appear on my Word document.

What the heck?

Oh, the words were white and I pasted them onto a white page.


Kinda cool actually. Microsoft Word as a high end kiddie spy note writing kit.

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