Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday, Monday

Monday, All Day Long

Well at least I'm having Monday on Monday this week. I usually have it on Wednesday or something. Gettin' it out of the way early. Circuit card I can't find the problem on, which, troubleshooting circuit cards is my top thing; I have sort of a sixth sense, and today I'm an idiot. Where's the on button, duh-huh. I hurt all over for some reason. It was a trying weekend in most respects. I guess I'm ok, but my pain level (bad back, don't get me started) was way, way up there all weekend. And the emotional letdowns of late... It's like when my back really hurts, I tense up all over and end up hurting all over. Wha-wha-wha. Grown man crying.

What are some good things to think about?

Our new Maytag clothes dryer we received Saturday works really well, and I even got the door reversed ok. Then again, being an engineer, when I reinstalled the door and all screws in the process, I 'improved' on Maytag's design by putting lock-tite on all visible threads. That door is ON THERE now, baby. My mechanical engineer friends would laugh at my pitiful attempts at this. But I'm proud. Plus them towels is nice and fluffy now, and easier to get to now that the door opens from the right.

Still loving the new guitar (see pics below). I still find it astounding that I got such a nice guitar for $99.99, brand new. In fact, I practiced so much this weekend that both hands hurt. But, even though I'm not a very good player, playing is a very effective stress reliever. Bonus.

Wrote my niece a long letter. I don't contact her enough, she lives in Utah, and I hate telephones. I'm gonna print it and put it in an envelope, address it, put a stamp on it and mail that thang. Old school, yo. Represent.

Speaking of stamps, I love them 'already licked stamps' like you can buy nowadays. I'll use one of them on my niece's letter. Woo-hoo. I'm cookin' with gas now.

After two and a half years of not playing guitar, its encouraging that I can do as well as I am, although I certainly do get frustrated. I resist all thoughts of where I would be now had my back not taken me down the detour of the last two and a half years. Woulda-shoulda-coulda.

God. I'm determined not to preach too much on my blog, but it's a comfort to know God loves me.

My Wife and Daughters. I love 'em, even when everyone gets cranky because of the changes and moving my daughter back to the house.

Our critters. They are a constant source of amusement and I can't stay depressed very long with them around.


That's enough whining and stuff. I just ain't got the chops today. If inspiration strikes, I'll post again. Also, I'll try to find another picture tonight of some sort to post, like I did Saturday.

Another lunch time down the drain. I have to decide if I'm gonna write or eat during lunch. I'm hawngry. But I feel better now.