Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cow-boy, Bay-Bee!

Cowboys Are Cool!
Ok. I’m not the sharpest pencil in the cup, but I’m not a dummy either. So when I hear or read pieces by reporters or op/ed types, especially in the foreign press, about President Bush (W) being a ‘cowboy’, I get it that they mean it in a bad way. That he is reckless and irresponsible, blah, blah, blah.

Are they too stupid to realize that in America, cowboy is a good thing? Why are the American media doing it too? When a piece is directed at America and Americans, do they not realize that Americans still love cowboys and associate tough, hard-working, manly, responsible, values to cowboys? I mean really, if someone threatened you somewhere, and you could have someone to give you a hand cracking some heads, you could do worse than have a cowboy at your side.

The result is when they call W a cowboy, they mean it in a bad way, but what people hear, and INSTINCTIVELY associate with this cowboy, are good things, not bad things. Most of the people doing this are college educated and have seen more than I’ll ever see, but man that’s dumb.

Cowboy = Good in the minds of most people.

But thanks to them all for reinforcing in millions that W is a tough, reliable, and dependable man instead of what they intend to imply with the word. They are blowing it, big time, and I mention it here because I read/hear this reference several times a week in my news reading/watching.

Aren’t reporters or op/ed types supposed to be good with words and such?

Yeah, I thought so too. But I did go to Louisiana public schools, so maybe it’s just me.

Wanna See a Comparison Between W and Hitler?
This is excellent, go here to see the comparison.

The Parade Of Bad Taste
'Round here where I work, we have every other Friday off. Today is NOT our Friday off. It is, however, PAYDAY FRIDAY!

And being in Florida, it's pretty casual most of the time. But on PAYDAY FRIDAYs, out come the Hawaiian shirts. Acres of the gaudiest tropical themed material you could ever hope to see. Or, rather hope NOT to see. Whatever.

Resulting in... The Parade Of Bad Taste

Our little way of sticking it to the man. Only problem is 'the men' at our company have some of the most outrageous Hawaiian shirts imaginable. Kinda ruins it when the Big Bosses can out ugly-shirt us.

My shirt today is basically white, but has a dizziness inducing pattern of sailboats, compasses, and anchors. I'm a big guy, and this pattern on this much material is quite an impressive sight. And on this newer project I'm working on, not as many people participate. So, far I'm stylin' compared to the other Hawaiian shirts I've seen today.

As Leonard Pinth-Garnell would say, "Truly Bad, Truly Bad".

I have been very fortunate. My home is very near I-95 in Palm Bay, and getting to the facility where I work by the shortest and quickest route involves using the interstate. But I-95 here can be a white knuckle experience. On good days, it's busy but fast. Cell phone talkin' and puttin' on makeup is NOT recommended. Gotta stay sharp.

Yesterday evening after leaving work as I approached my getting onto I-95 southbound for the 10 miles I use it, I saw that the northbound traffic was stop and go. A line of vehicles for 2 miles south of where I was entering.

My trip home was uneventful, and after parking in my driveway, I popped the tape out of my stereo (I don't have a CD player there yet) and the radio station was giving a traffic report. I-95 had two new wrecks with traffic piling up in the southbound lanes at Wickham Road and also at Malabar road. Avoid I-95.

Holy cow, Wickham Road is where I enter I-95 heading south in the evenings, and Malabar Road is where I exit I-95, and live near. I must have missed two major southbound lanes accidents by less than 3 minutes each.

I debated staying late yesterday but didn't because I needed to get home and take some medicine for my back (don't wanna drive on Lortab). I'm glad I left when I did.

You see, it had rained here yesterday for the first time in weeks. Yes, plain old rain, and in Florida, the drivers are so bad, that a rainy day here is like a snow day in other parts of the country. It can be scary driving around here guys.

A Poem
There are so many blogs out there that have nothing but poetry on them. I thought I would include a poem that my dearly departed Dad used to recite every spring.

Mmm-Hummmm! (clearing my throat)

Spring is sprung
The grass iz riz
I wonder where all the birdies iz?