Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Mother's Love

Maybe I shouldn't have started a blog. I keep wasting most of my lunch time typing and then end up gulping my food down. Although today's left-over stir fry should be pretty easy on the innards. Wolfing down a burrito cannot be recommended. Trust me.

Banana Peels
I talked with my mother by phone last night. She called while we were watching Stargate Atlantis on the DVR (love that dvr). Of course my wife, keeper of the phone, saw who it was and handed the phone to me: "It's your Mother." So, I hit the talk button, and said hello to what was obviously dead air. HuH? Hello, hello? Nada. My wife says, "I had already hit the talk button on the phone…" Isn't there a rule that says the person who actually says hello, is the person to hit the talk button? I had hung up on my own Mother. So, I waited a minute and she called again. Hello? Hi! I just tried to call and… I just don't know what happened. What happened is my wife broke an unspoken rule and I hung up on my dear sainted Mother. 'Course I didn't tell her that.

Mama later tells me that she heard about a cure for migraines. Apparently when a person (say, my younger brother who is prone to them) feels a migraine coming on, they need to peel a banana, put the wet pulpy side of said peel on their forehead.

Cricket, Cricket, Cricket.

Yeah, I was speechless too. Then I got a mental image of my poor hapless brother, in the throes of pain, fending off Mama, her mouth full of banana (can't wastem) trying to 'help' him in his hour of need. I started laughing. I think she started to understand how silly it sounded. Although it may all be true, but it SOUNDS funny. My brother should still watch out who he's with iffen he decides to have a migraine.

An Old Friend Does Good
The reason my mother had called was that she had read in her local paper about one of my old high school chums (actually a distant cousin to me too) that had a mention in the paper. Turns out that old T.C. has just recently been promoted to Leut. Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. Good for him. He's working at the Pentagon. My first thought, Cool! My second thought, how does he afford to live in the D.C. area on an Air Force salary? God bless T.C. and his family. It really feels weird to think about life as teens. Now that I'm 43, my teens seem so long ago. Anyway, T.C. was a high school first string football player that was actually down to earth. He would hang out with us nobodies if he felt like it and he was also one of the funniest, zaniest people I've ever known. Hard to picture him as an officer, because he was so funny. But I bet he is a good one. I know he's not a humorless jerk. I congratulate you dude! What? That's your daily grade, Mr. C___! What? That's tomorrow's daily grade too!

I like ______, better than ______.
I like …baked (to a delicate crunch) Cheetos, better than the fried ones (that most people prefer). They’re great with an egg-salad sandwich on fresh white bread. And a Dr. Pepper. I don't care if this makes me a freak of nature. Life's too short.

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