Thursday, March 30, 2006

Getting To The Heart Of Things

But Seriously Folks...
One of the really weird things about getting older, for me, is that I know what I believe, and more importantly know why I believe it. But it's really hard for me to talk about my faith in Christ and about politics on this site. And I think it's because, at 43, experience has taught me that most people are just as determined in what they believe as I am. So why bother trying to write to convince someone else to come on over to my point of view?

As a Christian, I feel I should share some things I have learned about God and the Bible here, but I guess the whole blog thing is still too new for me to stretch my wings in that way just yet. Maybe it's because I can talk about guitars and spearmint gum and not offend. But if I put stuff out there that I am totally convinced of, you may take offense and I don't want to start a flame war between semi-anonymous people. That would be senseless.

Same for politics. I follow many news sources every day and I form my own opinions about what I learn. But I know as soon as I put some of my opinions about politics here, I'll be opening a can of worms, and again, possibly starting a flame war.

I think Christianity is pretty simple. But people and politics are very complicated. My voice here is just one of millions, and I actually might be assuming too much of myself that anyone actually sees and reads this site. But I know that in the coming weeks I'll feel compelled to speak out on these two things (Christianity and Politics) and just deal with the consequenses.

You see, I'm very conservative politically, but I like to read liberal blogs like Daily Kos and others just to keep up with what the left are thinking and saying. I grew up in a conservative area, and I know that conservatives can be pretty rough and heartless at times. Although that's more about the type of person one is than about one's politics. But all my life, I've heard liberals and Democrats in particular describe themselves as the party that cares about people, but man, I have read stuff on the liberal sites and blogs that are every bit as vicious as ANYTHING I've ever heard from the conservative camp.

Truly, blogland can be a brutal place. And I'm a really laid back guy, so I guess I just don't have it in me to be as mean and hurtful as many of the sites I've seen.

Anyhoo, I guess I'm just trying to get my courage up to join the fray and talk about two things I have barely touched on here on purpose. I'm still too new at this to let it all hang out just yet, but I feel some heavy posts coming on.

I'll end this by providing links to some of the blogs I visit daily. For fun. For information. To laugh. To learn.

Two AMAZINGLY mature and well spoken Christian teens whose sites about life and Christianity I admire:
Impressive Pizza
Oneway Purpose

For conservative political stuff with a crazy twist (from a fellow engineer), you simply MUST check out:
IMAO (truly a funny site!)

For liberal stuff I go to Daily Kos like everybody else. But nobody there is funny. I mean at ALL. And I can only take it in small doses.

I have only found one funny liberal site, but it's not politics heavy, just a well written site mainly about life by an admitted political liberal. But, she's really funny and the way she describes things reminds me of my sister.
Liberal Banana

That's enough for now. 'Til tomorrow (or sooner if inspiration strikes).

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