Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hard Road / Waiting / Christmas 1967or8 / Practice

The Hard Road

Today we move my oldest daughter back into the house.

She was always a great student. Earned a nice scholarship (Florida Bright Futures). She earned her Associate of Arts Degree from our county's community college. She transfered to a college in Orlando. Had a killer dorm setup. Man I would have KILLED for that kind of deal. And she earned it with her young lifetime of hard work.

She quit school. We're not sure why.

But I can't shake the feeling that she has chosen a much harder road for her life.


I'm waiting for our new dryer to be delivered. Our old one finally died and I'm quite glad. That'll learn me to buy Kenmore appliances. The old dryer, from day one would require at least two hours, at LEAST, to dry a normal size load of clothes. A big load of towels, a minimum of three hours.

The heating element died a couple of years ago and I replaced it, and was astonished at how small it was. I'm convinced that the moisture in a normal load of clothes was more than that pathetic heating element could handle. So when the dryer died this time, I just did some research and ordered a Maytag dryer. It should be here any time now.

Hope it works like my Mother-in-Law's Maytag. That would be just swell.

Christmas 1967ish

This is a picture of me and my older brother in the late 1960's at our maternal grandparent's house. I would have been 5 or 6 here. I was actually kinda cute, I think. Now I'm a train wreck.

My brother finally grew into his ears.

Dig that Kurt Kobain autograph model sweater I'm wearing.


I'm still loving my new SX guitar. Last night I did some final tweaks on the action and intonation.

Gonna go practice right now...

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