Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First Post / Self Evaluation

Thees ees my first post. Yeah. Big whoop-te-doo, huh?

I tried to come up with a theme, but couldn't. My thoughts and cares are all over the map, so I guess this here blog will be, too.

Today, I finished filling out my self evaluation portion of my yearly performance review for my job (electrical engineer). Man I hate those things. My natural tendency is to try to fly under the radar. To put into words the tasks I have done and to put myself in the best light possible is no easy feat for me. I don't have to lie or anything, just can't explain it. To me it's like bragging and hoping for a raise. Unlike this blog where I can put my musings without a care. I mean, you don't know me, and I do have a few things to say. I like the soundboard of blogs, but can still be somewhat anonymous.

Anyway, I finished it and submitted it (my self-evaluation for my job). Now over the next few days I'm sure I'll think of tasks completed, etc., that I forgot to put down. Oh, well.

You don't know squat about me, so I'll finish this post by telling a little about myself:
I'm 40something
I'm married (21 years)
I'm the father of two daughters (20 and 17), four poodles, one cat, and one fish
I'm a Christian
I'm from Monroe, Louisiana (originally)
I'm living in Palm Bay, Florida (since 10/96)
I'm politically conservative
I love to write
I love to play guitar (I suck at it though)

That's enough for now, I guess.

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