Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ipod Copy and Orbit Gum

Hidden Cost of NOT Buying an Ipod
A co-worker of mine recently bought a 30GB Creative Zen Vision M Ipod knockoff. He's had it a couple of weeks, has almost filled it with music and movies and just raves about the thing. Physically, it's about the same size as a real Ipod, but it is half again thicker.

He is a cracker-jack engineer and he did the usual engineering geek trade study of all the different mp3/movie players before buying the Creative one. It must have been the best features-for-price available. Like I said, he loves the thing and raves about it.

BUT. He bought a rubbery black cover for it and so, at a glance, it looks almost just like a real Ipod. Consequently everybody that walks by his cubicle says, "Hey! You bought an Ipod!"

I bet I've heard him scream "It's NOT and Ipod!" 20 or 30 times. It's so funny how little things get to people… Now everybody knows it bothers him and repeatedly asks how he likes his new Ipod.

Good Times. Good Times.

Orbit Gum
The spearmint one with the crunchy outer shell (Orbit White) is awesome. The first few chomps are intense AND it slays my after-lunch barracuda breath. Thanks Orbit. (Now, if only my teeth were as straight and white as that British girl’s in the commercial)


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Emily said...

I love this! This is such an entertaining blog! That iPod thing is hilarious...I know people who buy like iRivers or zen micros and they are so proud that they're like, not conforming or whatever. It's so great. Keep it up!