Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Warning, and I Like... (post number 2)

Ok, got that first post out of the way.

Good or bad, it's done.

More about me, I guess. I'm really weirded out by the mixture of feelings in doing this: excited to put some stuff out there in the universe, but also the urge to hide. Maybe later when this is old hat, I can be less self-conscious.

A Warning:
I often make fun of, and cut down things I truly like, so please don’t take offense at some of the things I say. For example, I’m from Louisiana, yet I often make cut-down remarks about Louisiana, like, “…but don’t listen to me, I went to Louisiana public schools!”
End of Warning

I like...
  • My family, I’m really lucky there. I love all my relatives, no joke.
  • Killer guitar licks, from jazz, like Norman Brown when I‘m relaxing, to metal, especially the great Christian metal out there flying under most people’s radar, like Disciple, Living Sacrifice, Project 86, etc.
  • Playing guitar – I suck at it, but whoo boy, what I can play sure is fun. I’m asking for a small dose of talent next Christmas, then the world will be mine. MINE, I tell you!
  • Poodles (I ain’t jokin’, I lovem)
  • Good food. If you saw me, you would believe, yes-siree.
  • Plain talk. To me, few things are more pathetic than people going all fru-fru with their words and trying hard to sound intellectual. Also, with my accent, it would be silly for me to try anyway. This is probably why I dislike most literary novels, they usually come across to me as trying to impress. I get bored and move on. Then again, I DID go to Louisiana public schools. Besides, real intellectuals pull off the whole big word using thing with grace and beauty. I guess I just dislike wanna-be intellectuals and how they sound. Sorry, this is supposed to be my 'like' list, isn't it?

I reserve the right to add to the above list as I see fit.

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