Monday, August 13, 2007

Update, Monday August 13

I talked to my Younger Brother yesterday, Sunday, for a few minutes.

He's in good enough spirits, which was a relief, I thought the trauma of what happened would have had him way down, but he didn't sound bad on the phone.

His nose is broken in several places, and his left cheek is crushed and will require surgery. That is supposed to be done this coming Thursday. The area around his right eye is cut and abraded, but the eye itself seems to be OK.

The young lady who was unfortunate enough to have been there too, was rewarded for being in the wrong place at the wrong time by being hit in the head with a brick, after they had stomped my brother repeatedly in the head and body on the sidewalk. She had a bad concussion and a big gash where the brick made contact with her head.

Big Sis and Sainted Mother went over there, and Big Sis said the sidewalk looked like the photos from the Nicole Simpson/Ronald Goldman murder. Apparently it was as if someone had a gallon of blood and just sloshed it all over the ground.

When the police had gotten to the scene, Younger Brother had already headed for the hospital with friends, and I think the young lady who took the brick in the head was out cold and being loaded into an ambulance, so the cop thought it was some minor squabble and wrote the thing up as a misdemeanor.

Big Sis was a bit put out that anyone, let alone a cop, could look at all the blood, hear what happened, and decide the thing was a misdemeanor offense.

They had pics of the two vicitims in the hospital in all of their bloody and swolen glory, and they were shown later to the police and hopefully, if there's any justice in the world, felony charges will be brought against the two men.

Also, such a hue and cry went up to find out the identity of the two men that phones all over town were ringing among all friends and aquaintances of Younger Brother and Young Lady, that word reached the two men that they were being looked for and they turned themselves into the police.

Without knowing the details of what happened at the police station, I can only assume that for now the two men have been processed into the system for their crime, though that stands as a misdemeanor right now.

We'll just have to see what happens.

Thank you all for your kind comments and prayers, it's something I believe truly works. Please continue to pray.

Younger Brother and the Young Lady are both out of the hospital and Younger Brother has a near future filled with surgery and recovery.

I'm marginally cooler, so I try to not think about it until I hear more. Stewing on it all just puts me back into revenge mode, and that's worthless for anyone, and only hurts me. (I'm still trying to decide if I need to buy me a good ol' Louisville Slugger wooden bat or one of them newfangled aluminum bats.)



Hammer said...

There is always a civil suit that can cost those attackers every spare dime they ever make.

What makes people into such sick, disgusting monsters like that?

JAM said...

Hammer, aparrently these guys were drunk. They claim that my brother pushed them down the front steps of the house.

They're already watching to see if the guys get serious charges, and my Younger Brother happens to know a lawyer in town that is one of those guys that takes great pleasure in making people's lives miserable in lawsuits.

I think that one 135lb man and a 30-something woman were so messed up by two college athletes that don't even have one scratch on them is not going to be much in their favor.

I asked him to sue if they didn't get satisfaction through the police/courts. I told him to go after them like Mr. Goldmam did to O.J. Simpson. Mr. Goldman is determined to collect every penny that O.J. will ever make. That's what I hope my brother will do.

His girlfriend, is a 30-something woman who works, goes to nursing school, and really has a lot on the ball. She seems to have determined that her purpose in life for the near future is to see these men pay for what they did.

katherine. said...

Damn Jam. I am glad your brother and the young lady are healing.

I admire him for stepping up in the situation...things could have been so much worse for the woman.

In your previous post you spoke of trying to reconcile your Christian belief with your anger and desire for revenge. I've been there.... the key is just not to act on it...

Leanne said...

Good Lord. I will never understand this draw to violence, it doesn't make a bit of sense to me at all. I'm so sorry that your brother took such a horrible beating at the hands of these - jeez, people sounds like too good a word for them.

I hope he heals well and fast. Praise God for the people who stepped up to ID these two and I hope there are a lot of pictures and a nice long trial that embarrasses them to no end.

Travis said...

Hang onto the positive John. He will recover, and those who did it will be punished.

Your positive energy needs to be channeled into helping your brother.

Good luck.

Sharon Lynne said...

Jam, I'm so sorry that this horrible thing happened.

Yes, I will pray for your brother and the young woman...and you...and you're family.

If this happened to my brother or sons or husband, I would feel exactly like you do. It would be very hard to align with Romans 12:17-21.

It looks like God is already working. The two men are identified. (You don't have to go out hunting for them.) Sit tight. Justice will come.

Romans 12:17-21. This is an interesting passage to review--regarding revenge. If this happened to me, I would feel exactly like you do. Somehow, as time goes on,

Cindy Swanson said...

John, I'm so sorry about this situation. Just last night, one of my husband's employees called to tell us that she had been mugged outside a Walgreen's here in town. Two guys who were just outside the store followed her to her car and demanded her car keys. When she refused, they knocked her down and took her purse.

She's ok except for some bruises, so fortunately this attack ended up much less violently than your brother's incident, but I was outraged.

Making matters worse is that there were people all around, and she was screaming bloody murder, and no one helped her.

Sadly, this is what it's like to live in a fallen world. :(

Janet said...

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to your brother! Glad he's healing...and that you are too :-)

bluemountainmama said...

sorry to hear about your brother, but glad he's okay overall. what a horrible thing....

The Rock Chick said...


Glad to hear your brother is in good spirits! That will definitely help him in his recovery.

Wow--it certainly sounds like an aggravated battery based on the severity of the injuries and the brick (a weapon), but each state has different definitions or it may have to go up before a felony review before felony charges can be brought forward. That's the way it works here in my area.

I agree. I would sue them in civil court regardless of the criminal charges. It's easier to win there anyway.


Julie said...

Well a miracle has already been witnessed in that the thugs turned themselves in! How amazing is that?

I hope all involved continue to heal physically, emotionally AND spiritually.

Hang in there my friend.

Qtpies7 said...

I'm glad your brother is in good spirits. And the men were found. Things will work out, we have to believe that.

Babystepper said...

Hey. I'm so sorry you and your family are going through this right now. What a dark a difficult time all around. I hope justice is served, whatever form it takes.

Qtpies7 said...

How is your brother now? I hope everything is going smoothly for his healing and surgery.

uberstrickenfrau said...

Hi Jam, been out of reading blogs for abit and then come to yours and Oh my. I will pray for your bro and his girlfriend for healing in everything.For you too! So sorry this has happen, my heart goes out to your family.My cousin in Texas, about 30 yrs ago, got the tar beat out of him at a bar and he's been in a wheelchair ever since. It's a sad ol' world we walk in.

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