Sunday, August 05, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday August 5, 2007

It's All About Me

I was working on some photo scans last night. I found a few old prints of me, scanned them on the flatbed scanner, and spent a little time touching them up.

This one is me with my first two toofs. I was obviously proud of them, but if you notice on the left of the photo, I still needed Sainted Mother's hand to hold me up.

This next one, I'm a year or so older. Mama made our clothes when we were little, and in fact made a lot of my shirts until I was 12 or so. This was one she had made for me.

Here's proof I was once short. That's Big Sis with her hand on my head. Check out that six pack, baby!

Here I am again, in all of my diaperous glory. Obviously ready to hit the open road on my little push car there. I can't believe I was ever that little. Definitely a future junk food junkie hiding in that scrawny body.

This final one is me at the ripe old age of four. This is just after Christmas of 1966, because that's me with my Big Bruiser wrecker that I received that year. I was pumped to see that there was a picture of the truck, much less with me in there playing with it.

Well, that more of me than even I can stand, so I'll stop here.

With the computers unplugged and set aside for the painter for a few days, it really threw me off my blogging game. I still have tons of visiting and commenting to catch up on. I hope to be able to get back into the groove this week and will be paying everyone visits, OK?

Have a great Sunday.


Hammer said...

I was skinny like that too...

That is a heck of a truck@ All these pics are a great time capusle.

The Rock Chick said...

I love photos! Unfortunately, I have only a handful of pictures from when I was younger. My parents stored pictures in a box in our basement and one year, it flooded and they were all lost.

I have my kids' pictures (from before digital) in a waterproof/fireproof box and since I started to use digital, I save everything to external hard drives, too!


Julie said...

Awww how precious!! Ummm what color is your little outfit? It looks pink and I say to myself...nah...can't be pink!

Qtpies7 said...

I see I'm not the only one a little concerned about the color of that jumpsuit you are wearing in that first pic.
You are a photo whiz, you should probably just do a little color change magic on that thing! LOL I seriously thought that was a little girl! I had to stop and think "Whose blog am I on?"
Courtesy of my mom and dd hijacking my blog, there are nostalgic and horrifying pictures of me on my blog today.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I may or may not have been equally proud of my first little toofers, but according to legend, I would *not* show them to you -- unless you were willing to stick your finger in my mouth! ;-)

Gudl said...

very cute!

Travis said...

I remember a big diesel 18 wheel truck I got at about the same age. I can't recall exactly the model. I'm hoping I have a picture of it as I start going through these boxes I've been lugging around for so long.

Jessica Morris said...

I really like the shirt in that second picture!! Really cute!!

I tagged you for something on my blog

photowannabe said...

Cute pictures. You do a great job with that scanner. I will be glad to have you back in blogdom again.

JAM said...

Hey, I'm man enough to admit that I LIKE pink. One of my favorite shirts of all time was a pink cotton oxford with button down collar. One nice thing about being a moose, is that you can see people "thinking" about a man in a pink shirt, but you can also see them swallow the snarky words.

But, my decision stands, I like pink.

I had an older brother and sister, this outfit in the photo could easily have been a hand-me-down through Big Sis.

Norma said...

Well, weren't you just so cute!

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