Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Update on the Goings On Around Here

I'll keep it short.

Number Two Daughter is doing really well after her surgery, especially considering that due to insurance companies' insistence, the hospitals pretty much try to shove you out the door as soon as the closing stitches are put in.

Her surgery was considered as outpatient surgery despite it's duration being over four hours to complete.

She's sore and hurting a bit, but she says it doesn't hurt as much as she thought it would.

Anyhoo, she's at home and zonked on percocet in the comfort of her own bed.

Thanks to you all for your prayers and concerns.

Younger Brother had his nose rebuild after a few days ago. Physically and emotionally he's doing OK I guess, but he's miserable due to one thing.

His nose is packed with whatever it is they pack your nose with after operating on it, and has to squirt some saline solution up his nose every 20 minutes.

And using my amazing mathematical abilities, I figger that he can sleep at about 18-19 minutes at a time. Even a Louisiana public school edumacated boy like me just KNOWS in my bones that that HAS to suck.

It did start bleeding and wouldn't slow down or stop, the night after his surgery (another outpatient deal where the cut, operate, stitch, pat him on the butt and send him home) and had to go to the emergency room at 2am to let them unpack it and do something to stop it and then repack it.

I feel so bad for him I don't know what to do.

This afternoon I have two appointments, one with the good folks who are supposed to fix me up with a CPAP machine, and the other with my back doctor because I'm out of the good stuff and am in need of something stronger than tylenol and advil.

I only have one question about the CPAP machine. The one they used on me in the sleep study I did a couple of weeks ago fit over my nose, which worked fine for me because I'm a nose breather. What if I get one of those that fits over the nose and get a cold or sinus attack where my nose is all stopped up? What do I do then?

We'll just have to see what the experts say.

And I'm not leaving my orthopaedic doctor's office without a prescription for Lortab. This has been a bad week without anything to cut the pain, and I was struggling at work because of it. I can't think straight and make stupid mistakes when I hurt like this.

Other than all of that, life is grand.

Have a great day!

Oi Vey. (and I'm not even Jewish. But they have all the best expressions.)


Hammer said...

Good news all around.

I'm really happy to hear that your daughter is doing well.

Those machines require you to sleep on your back unless they've changed the design of the mask.

Not sure about sinus attacks.

photowannabe said...

Happy to hear the surgery was successful and daughter and brother are recovering. Hope you get your aches and pains relieved and soon can be opperating an all cylinders again.

Sharon Lynne said...

Hang in there...

I wonder where you'll be this time next year?

Time will help and heal all things.

Babystepper said...

The JAM family is in some pain tonight, then.

I'm sorry for the hurting, but glad that things aren't going too badly for daughter and younger brother.

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