Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Stuff

About three months ago, Lovely Wife and I spent a fair amount of time looking for new furniture. A lot of the stuff we had was hand-me-downs, even after all these years. (That's a Broyhill website picture of the style we bought above right.)

We bought a living room set which was delivered several weeks ago, and we also had a new bedroom set ordered but that hadn't been delivered yet.

Yesterday, Tuesday, they finally delivered the bedroom set along with two end tables for our living room.

One thing we learned about buying furniture, it's bigger in you house than it was in the showroom.

It makes total sense, but it's startling to see in place in the house.

The showrooms tend to have 20-30 feet high ceilings, and the area is about 60,000 square feet, so a large couch, love seat, and chair seem completely normal. And we measured things at home and tried to stay close to the size of the old stuff, which fit fine, but when the stuff was delivered and put into place, it seems larger than the old stuff.

It's weird too, to have everything match. Tables without scuff marks and years old warping from sweaty glasses and spills on wooden tables.

The bedroom set items are similar footprints to the old, but her dresser and my chest of drawers are both much taller than the old ones. We even have matching bedside tables now! What a concept.

The new bedroom stuff smells good too. The insides of the drawers are raw wood and you can see all of the dovetail joints and wooden sliders, and it all smells faintly like freshly sawed wood.

The last piece of the puzzle is for Lovely Wife to find some lamps she likes.

Number Two Daughter (18) is in surgery as I type this on break (11am). I'd appreciate your prayers for her safety and recovery.


carl h. sr. said...

"Our Father who art in heaven.."
God bless your baby and your brother.

katherine. said...

tossing up prayers for your daughter's complete healing...insight for the doctors...and peace of mind for you and your lovely wife.

no matter when or what age...having a kid in the hospital is a tough gig

(I have mission style bedroom furniture too!)

Qtpies7 said...

Still praying for your family!
If you want, I can send my kids over, they'll make all that new furniture feel all comfy and homey again. Really, they did it for us. We bought all new, white with flowers, couches, loveseat, and overstuffed chair. Matching endtables and coffee table, too. They got busy and its all like used stuff now! Just they way it should be!
Our stuff doesn't fit they way we'd hoped it would. Our living room is HUGE, but the shape is not very conducive to what we want to use it for. So, we split it up, one half the sitting room and the other half the computer desks and toys. Weird, but works for our family right now.

Hammer said...

I send my best to you and yours and hope everything goes smoothly.

Babystepper said...

Praying for your baby girl, your bil, and you.

Lovely furniture, by the way!

photowannabe said...

Of course my prayers are with your daughter and your whole family.
Wegot a new bedroom set and family room furniture when we moved. I am so happy with it. I just can't believe its been exactly 2 months since we moved. it was the best thing we have ever done.

Norma said...

The furniture is lovely. Maybe something nice to take your mind off the worries for your daughter. Pray that all goes well.

Norma said...

P.S. thanks for the tip about IE7. I was suspecting it, too.