Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rated PG-13 Post

I'm going to try to "keep it between the ditches" with this post, but there are so many different tangents on this subject that it's going to be difficult to stay on track.

What is it with today's elected Republicans and wanting to have sex in public restrooms?

I absolutely despise having to go into a public restroom. Even here at work, where engineering work is going on and people stay clean all day, I still have stressful times going to the bathroom.

My ideal trip to a public restroom is to get in there and to get back out of there after having, say, peed, and to do so without having to touch ANYTHING. But, being a compulsive hand washer, it's unavoidable, you have to crank that handle on the towel dispenser and turn the water knob and flush the toilet or urinal.

But my ideals in there are pure, and my goal is lofty. And I sure as heck don't leave a mess for the next guy. He might hate public restrooms more than me.

So while I'm in there it’s a tightrope walk without a net trying to stay sane and sanitary in a place were dirty things are done, ya know?

The absolute last thing on my wish list is to touch something while in there.

The thought of wanting sex with another man in a public restroom has never crossed my mind, but here in Florida, our local State Representative, Bob Allen, Republican, will go on trial in September for soliciting sex for $20 from an undercover cop in a public restroom.

Now, US Senator Larry Craig, Republican from Idaho has pled guilty for misdemeanor charges of a similar nature, that happened in a public restroom in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport!

The closest restroom to me here at work is a small one, two stalls and two urinals. If I go in there and need a stall, and one is occupied, I leave, and walk all the way across the building to the "big" bathroom or I wait and come back so that I don't get into a stall next to someone. Same thing with urinals too. I need at least one blank stall or urinal between me and the next guy.

But soliciting homosexual sex in a public restroom, by nature one of the least sanitary places on the planet?

I just don't get it.

We need to clean house. It's obvious that people were so hot to vote for a person with an R beside his name on the ballot for a number of years that a bunch of total scumbags got elected.

I propose we clean up both the US and state's congress and senates and also all public restrooms.

Now I'm really going to be avoiding them even more than in the past.

I hope my bladder doesn't explode trying to hold it in.

And another thing.

What the heck did these cops do on their job that was so bad that they were the ones assigned to spend their work days sitting in disgusting public restrooms hoping some pervert homosexual wanna-be will come in there and offer to pay them to give or receive homosexual sexual favors?

If I were such a screw-up as a cop that they assigned me to that duty, I would quit right on the spot.

Danny Glover and Mel Gibson screwed up so bad in one of the Lethal Weapon movies (I can't remember which one, maybe the second one, or was it the third fourth fifth , whatever) that they were busted down to walking a beat.

They blew up cars and knocked down buildings and had to walk a beat.

What level of screw up does a cop have to be to get pervert duty in public restrooms?

Why are our elected officials soliciting sex from them?

I just don't get it; it's yucky in there.


Last Minute Lyn said...

I read your post out loud to my Mom and we were both laughing our butts off.

Hammer said...

You nailed it..so to speak. It think Craig was in some kind of sting because he was arrested for tapping his foot in gay code.

I had to throw "lovers" out of the restroom all the time at one club I worked at. The bathroom stunk so bad and was so filthy that I can't see how anyone could enjoy themselves...

I agree we need to get all the pervs, sodomites, and molesters out of public office before it's too late.

Babystepper said...

I've led a pretty sheltered existence, but even I know that there is some real muck out there, and some really mucky people. The idea that they're representing me in the government....ech!

The Rock Chick said...

great post! I can't understand the whole sex in the public bathroom thing, either. GROSS! I can't even remember the last time I used one because I can't stand them, but if you're picking up homosexual prostitutes in those bathrooms, the cleanliness of the potty is probably the least of your worries.

Oh, I'm a little suspicious that someone realized there was a problem in the bathroom and assigned an officer to "fix it". I doubt that could be any officers regular assignment. I know there's some bad assignments out there, but I can't see that one happening on a regular basis.

When I started at the police department, I was a community service officer. When my assignment for the day was to go to a local park and pick up and dispose of the used condoms because of complaints, I knew it was time I found an inside job there. That was too gross.


katherine. said...

you are so right on....and I am really so tired of the nonstop coverage of his news conference!!!

Qtpies7 said...

I agree that this is sick behavior. However, it really is a much deeper problem. Sexual addiction can turn a normal, heterosexual male into a risk taking sex freak. They don't want to do it, but its like needing a crack fix.
We need to make sure our young boys are NOT getting exposed to porn. We need to make sure our teen boys can't get ahold of porn. We need to make porn extremely difficult to access for adults. Sex on tv needs to go away. Sex in the culture needs to be kept where it belongs, in a couple's bedroom.
Women need to stop showing off their bodies to men who want to keep their minds pure.
Even as much as I disliked Clinton, I felt sorry for him and understood that he had a sexual addiction. It was a toss up, though, whether he should remain in office. Clinton should be gone because he did it IN the Oval Office, not on his own time. But really, we all have sins and dark parts, does that mean we shouldn't have a job? I know, they are in the public eye, and representing us, they should be held to a higher standard. I do understand that.
My husband had a sexual addiction problem years ago, and it was horrible and hard for all of us. But for him to lose his job over it? That would have hurt more than just him.
I am very thankful that my husband found the RIGHT help and he is now free from his addiction. And he never shirked his responsibility for his behavior, but knowing there was a reason for it helped us to deal with it and get through it.

Oh, and I was in the Minneapolis airport last night, and I can't imagine how someone could even try to have sex in those bathrooms, they are not private and people come and go all the time. There is a "family" bathroom, though, gross.

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