Friday, August 10, 2007

Way Nicer Than Motel 6

I spent a night away from Lovey Wife last night.

It seems that I snore; at least that's what she claims, though I deny it.

But, since she's not a liar in other areas of life, I finally mentioned my snoring and that no matter how much I sleep, I am never rested to my doctor.

Result? I stayed in a sleep center last night, hooked up to about 30 electrodes very similar in nature to the ones I use at work to troubleshoot and repair circuit cards that are giving us attitude.

I watched a nifty video on the scourge that is sleep apnea.

I sat there thinking, "I seriously think I'm just a snorer, and don't have apnea."

I'm hooked up, laying down, and finally, after the poor guy having to use about 10 meters of tape on me to hold things down, the lights go off, and I immediately start to drift off.

I'm nervous too, despite the sleepiness, and spend a few minutes picturing myself sitting on the beach in a comfy chair and I lay there slowly taking long deep breaths.

I calm down quickly and drift off to sleep.

Next thing I know, the lights are on, the guy's leaning over me with a worried look on his face and shaking me awake.

"Mr. Masters, I'm gonna have to hook you up to the CPAP machine. You are having a terrible time trying to breathe, but I had to let you sleep like that for a full 2 and a half hours by insurance rules. I'm sorry to have let you go through that."

And I'm just amazed, "No problem. I didn't know any better, I was asleep the whole time."

So he fitted me with an over the nose mask and briefly went over the CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine's operation and I got tucked back in.

I lay there in the dark for a few minutes, getting the hang of breathing with the mask and machine's help and start to drift off again.

Next thing I know, he's waking me up again, telling me it's 6am and that the test is over.

As he unhooks me from the electodes and CPAP machine, he says that I took to using it much faster and easier than most people. I told him that I am a nose breather anyway, so laying there breathing with the help of the machine was almost natural and that I actually thought that it was pleasant. It made breathing easier, which seemed amazing to me.

He went on to give me a few tips on using and cleaning and how to operate the machine when I get mine, right after he'd told me that he wasn't allowed to tell me anything about what their readings on me during the night showed.

But he acted as if me getting a CPAP machine to sleep with was a done deal, so I think they have electonic as well as video proof that I do indeed have sleep apnea.

The only problem is, it will probably be a bit before the results get to the sleep Dr. Then a little longer to get the machine.

Now that I know I'll probably be having to use one from now on, I want the machine NOW.

I'm ready to get the show on the road, ya know?

But the room was really nice, and as someone who has stayed in numerous cheap hotels over the years, it was pretty much a 3 star room in my book.

Way better than the average Motel 6 room, though this place wouldn't have allowed a dog like Motel 6 does.

And as I filled out the post-test paperwork, I realized that though I was still tired enough to sleep more, I felt pretty rested and very alert.

I'm not getting my hopes up too much, but I would love to have this thing help me get better rest. I'm tired of living my days in zombie mode.

The next hurdle is to start going to the gym with Lovely Wife regularly.


Qtpies7 said...

Wow, I would be anxious to get started too. It really is frustrating to be tired all the time. But I would not like being tied to a machine all night, either.
Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
Our pastor fought it for a long time, but then he finally caved to his wife's pleas and now he has one and is much happier. So is his wife.

The Rock Chick said...

I've been trying to get my hubby to go for one of those tests. His snoring is awful!! I'm going to send him your post...maybe it'll inspire him!

Jessica The Rock Chick

Hammer said...

I know a couple of folks with them, the biggest problem they have is rolling over or feeling constricted by it. Other than that, the machine works wonders.

You may want to ask about the laser procedure as well.

Good luck!

Lady G~ said...

My dad has always been a snorer. I could always hear him across the hall. As a child I remember waking up a couple of times and thinking he had died, cause the snoring had stopped. He finally got diagnosed and got the machine. Well, this was about 10 years ago. I'm sorry to say, that he doesn't use it, like he used it when he first got it. :o(

He did say that it really did make a difference. He's just a little bullheaded. The only thing he didn't like was that it dried up his nostrils. I'm sure the machines have been improved upon.

Hope all goes well with you. There is nothing like getting a good night's rest. I'm sure that lovely wife will rest better to, knowing that you are breathing correctly and getting the rest you need.

Julie said...

I had the sleep study done about 10 years ago....not for sleep apnea but for narcolepsy. You can read about that a little bit on my post for today as a matter of fact!

Hubby had the c-pap for awhile and finally got brave and had the surgery done. It's improved his quality of life and we're very thankful for that!

Jessica Morris said...

My husband snores AND talks in his sleep. It is both funny and annoying all at once.

Working out at the gym with your spouse is one of the best things in the world. Paul has been going about 5+ days a week for the last seven months, and I just joined two weeks ago and it is just soooo cool to work out together!! We use to before Judah was born and it was one of our favorite things to do together, so we're both really happy to get back into that mode!

I am trying to get the word out about this great deal at Target on Gerber baby food - check out the "Almost Penny Candy" entry on my blog. The coupon expires on the 15th -whether you have a baby or not you can help pass the word on!

JoAnn's-Story&Photo-A-Day, said...

Ok well I don't like machines such as you name, its great how you can describe your feelings. Keep on going!

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