Saturday, August 25, 2007

I Love This Girl

Last night was my first night to sleep with my new CPAP machine going.

I did pretty good with it, and was more alert than usual this morning, but I had a headache that kinda ruined the moment.

Lovely Wife said, "It's been so long since your brain got that much oxygen that it's probably freaking out."

Brilliant diagnosis dear.

Happy Anniversary, Babe. 23 years and counting.

Married August 25, 1984.

Photo: Easter 1982


Leanne said...

Happy anniversary! You two are a beautiful couple. It's obvious you'll be together forever.


Travis said...

Quite the handsome couple.

Happy Anniversary!

Babystepper said...

Now that is one stylin' blue suit, JAM! And man, do I ever remember the Easter hat thing. I bet it still happens in the South. No one does it here, but I wish they would. It was fun to get to wear a fancy hat at least once a year.

Had a relative who said the cpap was too strong for him. Said he couldn't sleep through it. Glad yours doesn't seem to be doing that. Hope the headache thing goes away quickly, though.

Hammer said...

Happy anniversary!

JAM said...

Thanks everybody.

Babystepper: Back in the day, a fella couldn't go wrong with a pair of sans-a-belt slacks;)

Also, the CPAP can be adjusted for strength of the air coming out. It's a prescription setting, but they can dial it back if it's too strong. The one they gave me has a "ramp" feature for when a person first turns it on, it starts out lower than the prescription setting, and slowly ramps up to full strength to let you get used to it each night. My machine also has a feature that senses when I start to breathe out and cuts the air flow and then puts it back up when I start to breathe in again.

In short. The new machines rock, and they can be very customized to what you can deal with.

Qtpies7 said...

Happy anniversary!
You know us wives have the most astute observations, what would you do without us?

Norma said...

Such a handsome couple.

katherine. said...

nice suit man....she's lovely...

Sharon Lynne said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!
But you're still celebrating, right?

Fun picture!