Sunday, August 19, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday August 19, 2007

Younger Brother is doing OK. His facial surgery was pushed back from this past Thursday to this coming Tuesday, August, 21.

They are just going to repair his nose. To operate on and repair a broken cheek requires going into the head near the ear and working through the head forward to pushe the broken cheek back outward into place. It's apparently a horrible thing to have done, so since his is broken but isn't pressed back much, he's decided to not have the cheek worked on, and only get his nose rebuilt.

Thank all of you for you comments, thoughts, and prayers for him. I would also be grateful if y'all would continue to pray for him, the upcoming surgery and his recovery.

Number Two Daughter is having surgery this Wednesday and I would be thankful for y'all's prayers for her too. It's a surgery to correct a female problem, and it's supposed to be a pretty long surgery as well.

Thanks all!

Since I haven't been out doing any photography lately, I don't really have any new stuff for y'all.

I'm posting a couple of before and after photos. Each of these took me a while to get into good shape. They weren't as bad as some, but had a zillion dust specks and things that had me enlarging them to massive size and working on them one tiny section at a time to clean up.

This first one makes me laugh even after seeing it many times over the years. Too bad my Photoshop skills don't extend to replacing the stupid looks on my, Big Sis's, and Big Brother's faces. (And dig Big Sis's home brew haircut!)

This next photo is one of me when I was four years old. That's my little stuffed dog that was my constant companion and sleeping buddy when I was a wee lad. This was a really small photo, and was blurry, grainy, and had the remains of scotch tape on it. I worked to clean it up as best I could, but finally got to the point where I figured I was coming up against the law of diminishing returns and stopped.

Visiting others will probably be spotty in the near future with Number Two Daughter's surgery and work, but I haven't forgotten y'all and I'll make the rounds as soon as I can.

Have a great Sunday.


Travis said...

Good luck to all.

Norma said...

Nice job on the photos. I pray all goes well for your brother. When my nephew was in a terrible motorcycle accident a year ago we couldn't imagine that his face and eyes and cheeks could return to normal but he's doing so well. But it does sound like bro needs to call 911 next time.

Hammer said...

Sounds rough. I send my best to you and yours. I hope all goes smoothly.

Emily said...

I hope both the surgeries go perfectly without any complications. =/

Sharon Lynne said...

You have a lot going on right now. When it rains it pours. I will pray.

About the pictures. My mom used to cut my bangs that short! I had the identical haircut.

The Rock Chick said...

You do great resorative work on photos! I know that's not easy to do and requires a lot of patience...always my downfall when I'm trying to do that...LOL

Prayes are with your brother and your daughter!!! Hope everything goes smoothly!!


JAM said...

Thanks everyone.

Norma, yeah, I thought so too about 911. But one of them men had come into the house and was confronting them, so stopping to use the phone might not have been the first option.

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