Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I Give Up, Sort Of

Thinking back on the first year or so of this blog, I wrote a number of posts about politics and things going on in the world.

I don't do that but rarely these days.

It's not that I don't care, it just seems so futile. There wasn't even one political post I ever wrote and posted that didn't make me feel sick at my stomach when I had finished it and posted it.

I still keep up with the news, but I guess from an earthly standpoint, I think that there aren't many good guys out there making good decisions any more.

The Republicans seem quite content to give our country over to illegal aliens. I see them on the news, and repeatedly hear the phrase "this bill is NOT amnesty," yet I feel, and each and every person I've talked to about it agrees that the bill currently being talked over IS amnesty.

It's simple, if you are making a way for people who've shown their willingness to break our laws, and to not be assimilated into the fabric of this country and culture to become citizens, that's amnesty. Taking a page out of the liberal's playbook to say over and over that something, anything, isn't what we all know it is, will not fool anybody. It's amnesty, pure and simple, regardless of how many times you say it isn't amnesty.

And heck, that's not even the first line of concern, it's border security. If a family with dad, wife, and kids can walk into this country with almost no trouble, then how hard would it be for terrorists to do the same. Answer, it wouldn't be hard at all.

In fact they're here already, as the recent uncovering of various terrorist plots shows. There are terrorists here already, and they're making evil plans too.

Our Senators and Congressmen think we're idiots.

A guy on a local call in program said he wrote a letter to Senator Mel Martinez about this "immigration reform" bill and how he saw through the smoke screen and that he and most Americans felt it was amnesty to law breakers and that he wanted no part of it, and was writing Senator Martinez to not vote in favor of it.

He said he recieved a curt letter in reply that basically the letter writer didn't know what he was talking about and that Senator Martinez believed strongly in the bill, since he of course, did understand what it was all about.

That's pretty typical right now for both Republicans and Democrats in Washington. They think that overall we don't have the brains of an ice cube.

I'm not one to toot my horn very much, but if I could learn Calculus, Differential Equations, Physics, Chemistry, Linear Algebra and earn an Electrical Engineering Degree, then I know that I have the capacity to learn which way is up or down, right or wrong with political topics in this country. I'm no smarter than the person next to me, but I know I can learn, and I can look around me and know what's what.

We elect our representatives, send them to Washington, almost guaranteed for them to end up as multi-millionaires with amazing power, and yet they turn around, and act like we don't have the capacity to understand what's "really going on" and that only they do.

So I don't talk about politics much any more on here. I'm even disgusted with some of Bush's recent shenanigans, like the above mentioned immigration reform (amnesty) bill that does nothing to secure our borders against radical islamist terrorist coming in and blowing up our cities.

Idiots, all.

President Bush recently signed an executive decree that basically will give him (or whomever is President after him) almost dictatorial powers if another 9/11 type disaster is visited upon this country.

I like President Bush, but I don't trust even him with those kinds of powers, yet the Democrats are still trying to create a scandal regarding Attorney General Gonzales, where there is no scandal, and Bush gets a pass on his decree, something that EVERYONE in Washington should be jumping up and down about. But nobody is, and the Democrats are chasing ghosts while allowing things they should scream about pass.

Scary stuff.

We have incredibly close and precise news coverage of each and every day of Paris Hilton's much deserved incarceration, and Lindsay Lohan's and Britney Spear's public meltdowns, but there seems to be no concern about Iranian President I'minajihad's continued pronouncements that Israel's days as a nation are numbered.

Iran is on the fast track to built atomic bombs, and their leaders have promised repeatedly that they'll wipe Israel off the map, but we just sit back and act like nothing will really happen. Just because something is too terrible to contemplate doesn't mean that they won't do that thing. I firmly believe that when Iran promises to bomb Israel off the face of the earth, that when they can, they will do it.

Are the American people so asleep or so stupid as to believe that Iran won't use those new nuclear weapons on Israel?

I guess so. Instead I still see folks rant and rave on their blogs, and even on "news" programs about how they hate how President Bush says the word as nucular instead of nuclear.

Who friggin' cares!

If you want to rant, at least have the heart and brains to rant about something important, and believe me, how the President pronounces the word nuclear IS NOT IMPORTANT!

We in the west, and the whole of western civilization have our head in the sand and don't believe that when the billion or so Muslims say they are going to create a world-wide islamic state under sharia law, they don't really mean it.

They do mean it. And Iran is the world leader in radical islam right now. They're working lickety-split on creating nuclear weapons to give themselves the ability to force the world to its knees and either have it's head chopped off or convert to the false god of islam.

I'm going to continue to work hard, take lots of pictures with my spiffy cameras, and live life the best I can.

But I'm beginning to believe that if we continue on our present path in this country, that within my lifetime, I'll have to pledge allegiance to the false god Allah, or die.

So I'm going to enjoy life and my family and my stuff as much as I can; and I'll pray and trust the God of the Bible. I truly believe the world will fall into the things predicted in the Bible, it's just hard to sit and watch people choosing to go down that path.

The Book of the Revelation is full of hard lessons for those who follow false gods like allah, but it's also clear that lots of us who follow Jehovah suffer on this side of life too.

Looks like we're heading that way real fast, and the brakes ain't workin' too good.

That is all. Carry on.


Gudl said...

oh jeh.
Not good.
But I trust in the God of the Bible, too.Whatever comes, will come.
I will go to heaven because Jesus is my Lord and Savior!
Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment.

Sunni Kay said...

I agreed with every last thing you posted here. I have had many of the same emotions too. Don't give up. If you do, nothing will be solved. There is no guarantee that by staying in the game that something will, but if you don't stay in the game you don't even have a chance to make a difference.

photowannabe said...

Thanks for sharing from your heart. I do believe the end times are ever nearer.
I Enjoy your posts John.

Emily said...

Good post, my feelings exactly. Politicians pat you on the head and assure you they know what they're doing. Riiight.

Meanwhile you just want to scream seeing the West just kill itself from the inside. =/

Norma said...

I think it is still important to post the political opinion blogs--if for no other reason than to look back in 2 or 3 years to see what you thought was going on.