Friday, June 08, 2007

My Off Friday

Sorry folks. I don't have anything for y'all today.

I had to spend part of my morning getting a couple of new tires on our Camry, then I went and got about 5lbs of hair cut off, otherwise known as a normal haircut for me, and now I'm letting a plumber do his thang with various problems around the homestead.

All in all, an expensive day.

I might have to reward myself with a trip to Southern Photo Supply to look at cameras and whatnot, and also I'm due for a swing by Barnes and Noble too. I want to look for a book, and I'm sure Lovely Wife could use wonna dem super-mocha-half-calf-coffee-thingamajigs.

I did post a couple of posts on John's Daily Digital Images, if you care to see them.

It rained a good bit this morning, but as I type this as 3:05pm, it's clearing up pretty good.

Hoping to see a Space Shuttle launch tonight. We'll see.


photowannabe said...

Hope its clear enough for the launch. Have one of those Mocha thingies yourself and try to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Travis said...

Space shuttle is off tonight? I wasn't aware.

Here's to clear weather for good viewing.

Norma said...

My husband would love to have your haircut problem.

Interesting launch photos.