Monday, June 04, 2007

A Couple Of Things...

Manatees Love the Heavy Rains

This morning while coming to work, I was listening to a local morning, AM station talk show. This morning they had in the studio a Florida State Representative to talk about pending legislation with the Florida legislature.

I won't bore you with the get-rid-of-all-property-tax-and-add-a-three-percent-sales-tax-instead talk that's going on.

What was really interesting is that the radio host guy asked Mr. Florida Representative if his street had flooded with the rain from the tropical storm this past weekend.

Mr. Florida Representative said that it hadn't, but that he lives on Crane Creek in Melbourne and when that much rain (6 inches) falls that fast, that the creek rises several feet really fast, but then goes back down to normal level within several hours of the rain stopping.

So his back yard along Crane Creek had flooded for several hours, and that his and his neighbor's yards had manatees all in them, eating all the flowers and plants that everyone had planted this spring.

He said that he and his wife just sat there in their home looking at the manatees in their back yard pigging out on the tasty plants everyone had so nicely provided for them. Then when the water went back down to normal levels, the manatees were gone, but so were everyones flowers and new plants.

Well, I thought it was pretty interesting anyway.

Plus manatees are "protected" so he would have probably gotten in trouble had he gone out and try to shoo them off.

Sleep Number Bed Report

Well, I'm just about ready to declare victory with the new bed. It isn't a miracle thing that has me up at 5am doing the cha cha, but I've slept in a bed for over a week straight now.

It has been since 2003 that I slept more than three consecutive days in a bed, usually dividing my time between a pallet on the floor and my recliner. So to sleep in this bed for even this amount of time leads me to believe that this has been a great purchase for us.

My back still hurts, but the pain in my left leg has definitely lessened, and only cranks back up if I've done too much walking or whatever. I'll take any pain relief I can get, regardless of how small the difference.

Plus, just from a new bed owner point of view as opposed to rating the bed in terms of whether or not it helps my back, the thing is JUST SO INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE!

Seriously, this in one comfy bed.

You know how the matress comercials talk about "pressure points?" Well, I don't have pressure points any more when I lay down on this bed, while I used to have them at my hips and shoulders.

I definitely want to stay in bed in the mornings, not from lack of sleep, but to just lay there a few more minutes and enjoy how comfortable it is.

Way better than sleeping on the floor, in every way.


Qtpies7 said...

That would have been so cool to have manatees in my yard! We never got any cool stuff in our yard when the Chesapeake Bay drainage ditch in our backyard flooded. We got microwaves and stinky sludge. Moles, too.
I'd love to try a sleep number bed, but I just can't do it! I don't have the cronic pain you have, but whenever I lay down somethng causes pain in my legs, which goes away when I get up. So I just have to sleep sitting up on the couch a lot. I'm fine when I get up though. For awhile there it was narcotic level of pain when I laid down. I couldn't be up because I was on bedrest, and I couldn't be down because I was in pain! We couldn't get to the bottom of the pain because I was pregant before the MRI could be scheduled, hehe. Now Sam is 7 months old, but the pain isn't as bad so I haven't gone in.
I hope the bed works for you, pain is just so defeating.

Qtpies7 said...

I got so windy I forgot to say that my kids LOVE your idea of scratch and sniff bacon band-aids. They think that would be the sweetest thing ever! But that it would turn lots of guys into something called "Emus" which are not animals, some kind of fad or something in the way kids dress???? Boggles the mind.

Norma said...

I'd say Florida Manatees are a lot smarter than California whales, who didn't seem to know how to get back to the ocean. Or maybe Floridians just knew not to bother them?

JAM said...

I don't know if manatees are smarter than whales, but they sure take advantage of the temporary high water to investigate folk's foliage in their yards.

I felt sorry for the whales out in California, they had way more "help" than they needed. All the activity around them probably added to their anxiety.

Travis said...

That's great news about the bed! It gives me hope.

Now these manatees are strange creatures. It must have been odd to see them chowing down on the local flora.

photowannabe said...

Oh, I would have loved to experience the manatees in my yard. Even if they ate my plants. They are such wonderful creatures.
Happy to hear the mattress report. How wonderful for you to actually sleep in bed.

julie said...

Wildlife in any aspect is so cool to watch. Just today I was watching the common robin bath in my pond and flit up to the fence to shake like a dog!

The fun that God gives us to watch! Wow~!

Scribbit said...

Oh that's a first. Manatees eating the garden?

ANd I thought it was bad with the moose.