Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Could This Be Some Textbook Irony?

From the New York Daily News is a report about Dan Rather poking Katie Couric in the eye with a sharp stick.
Talking via phone to Joe Scarborough on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Rather described Couric as a "nice person" - then let her have it.

Speculating on the program's declining ratings, Rather said, "The mistake was to try to bring the 'Today' show ethos to the 'Evening News' and to dumb it down - tart it up in hopes of attracting a younger audience."

Now isn't that special?

Dan Rather. Wasn't he the guy who used to anchor the CBS evening news until he tried to pass off forged documents supposedly proving that Presiden Bush (W) neglected his duties as a pilot in the Air National Guard during the Viet Nam era?

And didn't Dan Rather report this as factual news during the runup to a U.S. Presidential election in fall of 2004?

And isn't this the Dan Rather who stuck it out a little while after his and Ms. Mape's shenanigans were made public, and then "retired" from the anchor chair at CBS Evening News?

Yeah, I thought it was the same guy.

I once sorta like Joe Scarborough, back when he was semi-conservative, but I guess being on MSNBC with that complete nut job Keith Olberman has turned Scarborough to the dark side.

I'm no fan of Katie Couric, but at least she's reading the news instead of trying to pass off fake documents as real and attempting to bring down the re-election campaign of a sitting U.S. President like that moron Dan Rather did.

Dan Rather has no shame.

Seems ironic to me that he would say such things about another newscaster unless they were on FOX.

But, I did go to Louisiana public schools and maybe never got a good grasp of the concept of irony.


photowannabe said...

I don't usually comment on the political side of things but I have to agree with your thoughts today. I could never understand why or how Katie got the job in the first place and how Dan Rather stayed king of the airwaves for so long. Thanks for putting into words what I have thought all along.

Hammer said...

Rather lost grasp of what the news is about when he made his political feelings known about Bush and repulicans in general. After that everything he said and did looked slanted.