Sunday, June 03, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday June 3, 2007

Sorry folks. I usually try to post this early, but, well, I just didn't this time. Forgive me if any of these are retreads from the past. I've posted so many photos on my two blogs now that I can't quite keep track of each and every one I've shown before, and especially when I'm in a hurry like this. Have a great Sunday!

The underside of the bridge over Sebastian Inlet, the water of the inlet moving to the left as the tide goes out to the Atlantic.

Yet another bridge, carrying US Highway 1 across Crane Creek in Melbourne, Florida.

Not exactly sure what this is folks. Some, um, rocks, with, um, some green stuff growin' on 'em. Yeah, that's EXACTLY what it is.

The path to use when headin' for the beach at Archie Carr, about half a mile south of Sebastian Inlet.

On Turkey Creek in Palm Bay, Florida.

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