Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Yer Gettin' Pictures

It still stinks being me, so y'all have to settle for pictures instead of my mind expanding, life enriching prose.

I need to get me one of these stickers for my car.

Lovely Wife has a new toy, meet Nemo, the battery powered pool fish. Here he is just a swimmin'.

Angel, the fearless lizard hunter has one treed, so to speak. Lizard got away. Lovely Wife's flowers are looking good though.

Here's two more shots from my hot rod photography this past weekend. This one is another Tom Daniel design, the Tijuana Taxi.

If y'all have never gotten a good look at a stork before, I have a couple of pictures of some on my photography blog today. They're pretty horrible looking creatures.


Sindi1968 said...

Oh well ... Hey Tomorrow is Thursday Thirteen.. You can list 13 reasons you do not feel like blogging.

Have a good Day

9:56 AM

Wait Now that I have had a cup of coffee I can post on the correct day ............
Maybe I should have my own post and post 13 things a 2 year old can do to your brain and body. LOL

JAM said...

Do you have a blog? Or just a Blogger sign on name?

Sindi1968 said...

Heavens no I do not have a blog. The closest I get to it is reading yours every day. I like to read about growing up in Monroe from your prospective. Between work, church, child I truly do not have time.
Have a Blessed day.