Monday, May 21, 2007

Fred Thompson On Michael Moore

Fred Thompson is more elloquent in thirty-eight seconds than Michael "Don't Bother Me With The Facts" Moore will be throughout the course of his entire life.

I love this guy. Fred Thompson that is, not Michael Moore. Because I don't really care for Michael Moore.


sarahk said...

I can't wait for him to announce. I think all the Florida brush fires are going to just disappear that day. ;-)

Run, Fred!

JAM said...

Fred's my man, if only he'd run. His speaking skills and sheer "gravity" will make him a formidable candidate and Presiden't.

Kind of like if James Earl Jones was a conservative Predidential possibility, you know? Almost an unfair advantage without even trying.

Emily said...


He was in Die Hard 2 as well. Like he couldn't get any more awesome.