Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sharia Law, In England

There was a thing on the news Monday morning, on the radio, and they were talking about a place in England where there are so many muslims that the muslims have formed a council, and essentially rule this community of muslims under sharia law. Islamic law. No education for women, only eye slits for the women to see out of when out in public. You get the picture, creating a mini islamic state within England.

The English powers-that-be pretty much adopt a hands-off approach to them and let them have their way. What are they thinking? England has more socialist programs in their country than we do and the English are more apt to look to their government to solve their problems, but come on, that's scary stuff. That something like that is gaining a foothold in what is essentially a free country. Where's the liberal outrage at the trampling of these people's rights?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not picking on England, I wouldn't be surprised to find that this happens in other countries as well. Maybe even here. But still, this is the one that made the news I was listening to.

I was getting ready for work and I didn't remember the name of the town or area they were talking about, but I got a mite upset with them. Because what I saw in my minds eye, is women and children being denied rights that are theirs by law, but then again NOT, because the English governments responsible for this area would rather leave them alone. "Hey, if we don't hear of any trouble, then we'll just pretend that everything is hunky-dory."

As I got ready for work, I thought that I need to remember this and look it up and try to learn more about it. I've decided against that. I'd rather not know the details.

Makes me want to puke.

And how is your day?

Here's a pretty picture to help dissolve the darkness:Yeah. It's a rerun; you saw it last year sometime.


Babystepper said...

Scary. It's amazing how much the Muslims are able to get away with, as concerns the liberal watchdogs, that Christians wouldn't begin to.

Norma said...

A beautiful photo (the bridge, not the woman) and well worth seeing again. You have some terrific photos.

Qtpies7 said...

Well, its an amazing re-run! I love it. Amazing!

The whole muslim thing is scary. Thats why Christians should have large families. They are, and we need to have warriors to stand against our rights being taken away, and to fight for everyone's freedom.

Cindy said...

Don't forget there are always readers that are fairly new to your blog, like me. That picture is brand new to me!

Emily said...

Things like this get me so angry. It's so ridiculous from every aspect you look at it!! Aughh...