Sunday, May 13, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday May 13, 2007

This past Tuesday, I wrote a post about, and also included some photos of a Soviet made Zorki-4 camera I bought off ebay.

The seller said the camera worked fine, and she also had a perfect 100% positive feedback on over 200 transactions, so I took a chance, and hoped to get a decent working camera that I could play around with for cheap. When I received it (shipped from Ukraine), the camera seemed to be in great shape, so after checking out it's functionality, I loaded some film.

Todays pictures were on the first roll of 35mm print film that I put through this camera. Warning, I wasn't going for artistic merit in these. I was just pointing and firing away at different types of scenes and lighting to check it out at different settings. It was the first time for me to use Kodak UC 400 film, Ultra Color. The film was a bit too grainy, and the colors almost too intense, but overall, I was pleased with how good the camera performed.

This first one, I hooked up an old flash to the camera to check out the flash sychronization. It worked better than I had hoped, the old, early 60s flash and this late 60s camera. That's Angel on the left and Lilly on the right. They were both bummed because I was leaving for work, hence the last ditch, pitiful look to try to guilt trip me into staying home.
Some of Lovely Wife's flowers right outside our front door.This one is the gate to our back yard, on one side of the house. I wanted to get both shadow and bright sun.This one was taken at Ballard Park in Melbourne, Florida. This park is only about five minutes from where I work and I wandered around there the other day during my lunch period.This shot was as I was walking along the creek, following these two snowy egrets. They stayed a careful distance from me, but I like this shot anyway.This final one was on a different day last week at lunch. It's the Atlantic ocean, but it had become really overcast because of the tropical storm that was northeast of us.


Hammer said...

looks nice. I think you got a great deal.

Mert said...

Beautiful! I'm very partial to the last one, I love anything related to the ocean

Travis said...

I don't know all the technical terms, but when I look at these they look different than the other pictures you post.

The one of the fence in particular catches my eye - the green is so crisp, but the fence and the path look less defined.

I agree with hammer. I think this camera will add a new dimension to your photographs.

photowannabe said...

These are great and i hope you keep experimenting and having fun.

Cindy said... you praise God every day that you live in such a beautiful place?