Sunday, May 27, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday May 27, 2007

Love bugs are out in force in central Florida. Like the killer bees, they've slowly made their way from central America to cover the entire US Gulf (of Mexico) Coast. This was our windshield as Lovely Wife and I were returning from Zephyrhills to Palm Bay. I cleaned it before we left Zephyrhills. They are so sticky that the stuff in your windshield washer tank and your wipers are woefully inadequate to clean them off. Only scrubbing will do.

Love bugs on the front of our Camry after we arrived home yesterday (Saturday) evening. In some patches of highway, the love bugs were so plentiful that it sounded like it was raining on the car. An added bonus is that if you slap one that is on your clothes you will be rewarded with a really excellent black smear. I HATE these things.

Yellow water lotus as far as the eye could see in Lake Tohopekaliga in Kissimmee as Lovely Wife and I were making our way home (among the love bugs). I know what you're thinking, how in the HECK do you pronounce Lake Tohopekaliga. I have no idea. I follow everyone else's lead and just call it Lake Toho. That's a lot easier for my drawling southern accent to handle.

Another shot of the lotus in Lake Toho. Trying to show how many there were. This is just a portion.

One of the small palm trees up against the front of our house had bloomed and I took a photo. It's pretty when they do this; I like the shade of yellow they become. The blooms are green when they open up, but become yellow after a couple of days.

The night before our new Sleep Number bed arrived. We had cleaned out 2/3 of our bedroom and this was my last night on the floor (hopefully). So far so good on the Sleep Number bed. (My two nights in a hotel bed in Zephyrhills, Fl just about killed me though.)


Bob-kat said...

Popped over to see the colour version of the yellow water lotus! Lovely.

Moi said...

i cant stand those love husband's kinder towards them..he says they too may have a reasons to be around just that we cant figure out any!!!whatever, i hate what they do to our car .....
and i too wanted to have a look at yellow lotus.....i think u did a great job with monochrome too...tho' i love nature in its glorious colors....:)

sarahk said...

The lovebugs have been awful this year. Mega-swarms everywhere I go, including my front door! I'm just glad our house isn't peach, though, because our next-door neighbor's house is way worse off.

The flowers are pretty.

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