Monday, May 07, 2007

Stuff I Think About #1

The news media. They keep harping on how bad President Bush’s approval rating is. But I say, so what. Most of those people polled don’t vote anyway. If it was a poll based only on registered voters, I’d say fine, his approval rating stinks and that’s bad. But since it’s just the general population in these polls, I don’t care what they say. Besides, think about the alternative; Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi with their cowardly Democrats who are trying with all of their might to force us to lose the country of Iraq and turn it over to the terrorists and to allow a new killing fields to happen like what happened when we pulled out of Viet Nam would be ten times worse a President than Bush could ever be.

For the record: I support President Bush in his desire to successfully create an autonomous, democratic Iraq. I like President Bush. I pray for him so much it makes me wonder if I have any faith at all. I stand against weasels like Reid and Pelosi who are trying to undermine our troops’ work in Iraq. I think, “Support the troops by bringing them home. Now.” is the dumbest and most cowardly, contradictory thing I’ve heard within my lifetime. (I saw that on a car’s bumper sticker the other day. I’ll just say it upset me a bit.) By and large, our troops believe in what they’re doing over there and THEY WANT TO HELP IRAQ BEAT THE TERRORISTS!

I believe that western civilization is on the decline. It’s a bit scary to see that “the west” has so embraced abortion and not having kids that Europe and North America are on the decline in population. Yeah, I know America is growing, but that’s due to immigration. We aren’t having enough babies. All the while, muslim countries and families are popping out babies in huge numbers. Simple mathematics is all it takes for one to see plainly that western civilization is dying, and that in the future, Islamic countries will continue to grow in power. What I hate about that fact is that peaceful muslims keep their mouths shut and allow the 10 percent of muslims who are radical and dedicated to creating a world under sharia law to continue to rule. I guess deep down they approve of the terrorists and radical islamists or they would do something about the cancer in their midst. So the continued growth of muslim populations around the world will result in country after country becoming like Iran, where the nut jobs rule, and crush and force the more peaceful minded and quiet muslims to submit to them. There is no room in countries like Iran for other religions like Judaism and Christianity. In fact, in many of these countries it’s ILLEGAL for one to be a Christian. That attitude and frame of reference in government will only become more widespread as America and other western countries continue to show cowardly behavior by adopting the attitude that we shouldn’t be over there. We should fight radical Islam with everything we have. But we won’t. Too many people in this country are gullible enough to believe that these people can be reasoned with and that we can reach a reasonable equilibrium in the world through diplomacy. That will never happen. Rest assured, the radical muslims like the ones in control of Iran ONLY use diplomacy as a way to buy time to get stronger and to allow them to find more ways of defeating us. Our very lives and freedoms are in danger of ending. But we act as if what’s going on in Iraq and Afghanistan is just something that the lying, warmongering Bush made up. It isn’t. Our survival as a country and our survival as people free to worship or not worship is on the line. The Democrats presently in the US government are pursuing a path to hand this country and the west by extension over to the radical Islamists like Iran. It’s really sad. This used to be a strong country. We’ve gone from “the greatest generation” to “here, you can have the country, just shoot me and be done with it” in a measly 50 years. The baby boomer generation sucks. In the not too distant future, we’ll be forced to adopt Islam or die because we’re too dumb to understand that that is the ultimate aim of radical islamists. Join them or die.

That's enough for today kids.


Sindi1968 said...

Very well put.
Felling better?
Yesterday Pastor spoke about we should not critizie our leaders. GOD has put them there.
I think it is quiet refreshing to have a leader who is not afraid or ashamed to tell the world he is a man of faith.
Have a nice day

Hammer said...

I agree with everything you said. Well put.

Sindi reminded me of a friend that told me his pastor said not to question government because what they do is god's will.

America is going to have to wake up or possible absorb the immigrants and integrate them.

Too many are not participating in the melting pot, maybe their offspring will.

JAM said...

I felt weird actually posting this. I wrote it at 4:30am. I couldn't sleep because of my back. I just lay there and think about the pain, so it's mentally easier on me to just get up and hurt than to just lay there and hurt. But I tend to think about things that bother me when I've been up so long without sleep.

I just left the post as is. That was stream of consciousness, I know there are holes in my reasoning and there's terrible grammar, but I decided to just post it as it was; a first-run, warts and all post with no corrections.

Sharon Lynne said...


You ought to email that into the newspaper editorial or "opinion" section or "letters to the editor" (just do it...for the heck of it) Even if it gets rejected at least one person (the acquisitions editor) has read it.

One time I mailed a comment into Time magazine--just a four line comment relating to an article they ran...and they printed it!

Anonymous said...

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