Saturday, April 28, 2007


Yesterday, I spent a little time trying to create a simple setup where I could take photos of small items and have them look nice (without buying expensive pro lighting stuff).

I took some pictures of some of my cameras, and also a reissue of some of Tom Daniel's car designs.

Tom Daniel designed some of the original Hotwheels that Big Brother and I played with as kids. My favorite Hotwheels of all time is the Red Baron.

These Tom Daniel reissues were not produced by Mattel as Hotwheels. The cars are about 2 or 3 times the size of regular Hotwheels.

Here's two of my shots of my bigger Red Baron. I still love this design. I've always loved roadsters with the engine built up and open so that it can be seen.

When Lovely Wife and I were in Louisiana after Christmas last December, Big Sis gave me an old camera that had belonged to her In Laws. It's an old Agfa Model PD16 Clipper Camera. It is in almost mint condition; it isn't worth much, but I like it anyway. The only problem is that it takes a unique film size, 616, that is no longer made. I've seen folks on the internet that have posted processes to be able to load and use modern 120 or 220 film (like wedding photographers use in their Hasselblads), but I haven't tried to do that yet. That's a project for another time.

Here's the camera and it's box. I think it was made in the 1930s; Kodak introduced 616 film in 1931.

Last, and certainly not least, is my trusty old pal, my Canon AE-1 I bought in the summer of 1979 with my yard mowing money. It still works fine; I had it CLAed (cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted) a few years ago.


Hammer said...

Those look good.

I bought a $500 sony digital camera
and I found taking good pictures of stainless steel guns is dang near impossible.

Too much glare, washed out, shadows etc..

It's frustrating

Babystepper said...

That last one looks like my dad's camera. I remember being totally, completely confused by all the little numbers on the zoom lens. I'm really hardly any less confused today about cameras and lenses. I say, "God bless the man who invented the digital!"

Dad collected old cameras for a while. I think we finally got rid of them. There was a cool one where you pop the top up and look down into it to see what the picture would be. It really took great pictures, except someone's hair had gotten stuck in it at some point in its life, and every picture came with this long black hair stretching from top to bottom. It was definitely hair, too. The texture showed up well in the photos. =P