Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday Afternoon's Not Mucha Nothin'

First, good news. Our home's air conditioner has been struggling lately and we had a feller come out yesterday, Friday and get it fixed up, charged up with freon, cleaned up, and now we're sittin' pretty with the A/C. (I'm a big fan of air conditioning from WAY back.)

We had a kitchen faucet leak, and the underside was all rusty, and add to that our water heater was only producing enough warm, not hot, water for a couple of showers per day. Had a plumber out Friday who changed out the faucet and the water heater with new ones, and boy howdy, we've all had hot showers today. Nothing like hot water, ya know? Of course, I only take luke warm showers at best so it wasn't as critical to me as it was to the women-folk. Though we do like to wash some clothes in hot water.

Now, bad news: my back's a-hurtin' and I can't sit here for long. Can't stay in any position for very long. Just don't have the umph I need to write a post today, so here's a few photos I've taken recently.

Also, I've been steadily posting photos on my Daily Digital Images blog, so you can go over there for some neat new photos I haven't posted here. OK?

This is one of Lovely Wife's decorations out back. I posted some photos I took of live brown pelicans on my photo blog yesterday, if any of you-uns is interested.

This is Lovely Wife's clever chlorine tablet dispenser/floatie thingamajig for the pool. I like it a lot, it looks kinda mean, but Lovely Wife already has her eye on a different one that looks like a giant yellow bathtub rubber ducky like Bert on Sesame Street has. So Mr. Gator here might not last the whole year if she has her way.

This is our pool and back yard. The pool still has some stuff in the bottom, but believe me, this thing looked like a stagnant Louisiana bayou a mere two weeks ago. Plus, it's been so hot here this week that the pool's temperature has gone up 10 degrees. It' a-ready for swimmin' now.

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Hammer said...

Take care of that back and yeah my house is not livable without AC. I found that out 2 years ago.