Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm With Karl Rove

Cheryl Crow has come out with her advice on how to save the world from global warming.

From an article in The Times Online (London Times):
The singer Sheryl Crow opened a new front in the fight on global warming yesterday with a call for people to use only one sheet of toilet paper after each visit.

Well now, isn't that special.

And the article also talks about how she approached Karl Rove at a dinner and started blasting him about the administration's handling of global warming.

She put her hand on his arm.

Karl Rove jerked away and said, "Don't touch me!" And everyone is acting as if Rove was being unkind.

I disagree.

I would have done the same thing, she had probably just come from using the bathroom.

Moral: Don't shake hands with Cheryl Crow.


Hammer said...

She needs serious medication.

Sindi1968 said...

It is my opinion she knows as much about global warming as Al Gore. What is it with all these people? Do they run out of things to do in there own profession (VP and singer) so they become experts and overnight to boot ????