Sunday, April 22, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday April 22, 2007

Babystepper wrote a post a couple of days ago about a boy they know that was struck my lightning. He's ok, but it reminded me of this sign I photographed a week or so ago at Sebastian Inlet State Park. Sebastian inlet is the closest way from where we live to get boats out to the Atlantic Ocean. There's a really nifty park there and I went and walked around and saw this sign. (This is the wide view so y'all can see the beach and beautiful sky and water.)

Here's a better look at the sign; stuff like this intrigues me. Thankfully there wasn't much chance of lightning strikes that day.

This is Angel, one of our poodles. She's obsessed with chasing lizards, and was out showing me what a great hunter she is when I took this photo.

This is Angel, and Spike chillin' on top of my bass amplifier in our bedroom window. They love it when the weather is mild enough to have the windows open. This is their perch for watching, and barking at, the world. Spike and me are the only boys in the house. I love his "soul patch," that little tuft of white hair on his chin. He's pretty laid back like me; if he was any more so he wouldn't have a pulse.

I was testing out my new lens and when I walked back inside from the front yard, I stopped and took a photo inside the house, and kinda like it.


John Roberts said...

I'm a fan of funny/od/unusual signs too. I don't always have my camera with me when I see them.

Hammer said...

I read that Florida gets more lightning than any other state in the Union.

Moi said...

i'm glad the boy's okay.....hope u had a great Sunday...just as ur pictures are...:)

Norma said...

Is that a refrigerator or a bulletin board?

JAM said...

Norma, it's definitely both. Since our daughters are too old to draw us pictures, my wife turned her affections to refrigerator magnets.