Sunday, April 29, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday April 29, 2007

These first two photos are of a porcelain angel Lovely Wife put in the house. The other day I noticed the sun shining through one of our living room skylights on this figure. It was beautiful. I got up and took some shots of it in that light.

These next two photos may seem boring, there's not much going on in them, but it's the view from my car as I'm about to turn onto U.S.1 here in Florida. They are in sequence, and I love that view when all of a sudden I drive up and can see the Indian River Lagoon. I never tire of seeing the big, open expanses of water down here. If I turn right, there's a sign that says Miami is 171 miles away; if I turn left here there's a sign that says Jacksonville is 181 miles away. Smack dab in the middle of the coast, I reckon.
I had taken a photo of a pelican at Sebastian Inlet recently, and was struck by how his webbed feet were gripping the wooden railing he was standing on. So I just cropped the picture down to just his feet. It's the story in that photo anyway, you don't need the whole bird.This man was going so fast on this jet ski that it startled me. Looks like fun.


Hammer said...

That water looks nice. The water we visit in corpus cristi is greenish brown.

scribbit said...

I love jet skiing, what a fun picture and time!

Sharon Lynne said...

I've never seen Pelican feet so close. And one foot looks bigger than the other!

I went jet skiing at Lake Tahoe several years ago. I learned that when the water is bumpy, and you have someone on the back, it's best not to go too fast.