Sunday, February 04, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday February 4, 2007

Proof that it is beneficial to have your camera with you as much as possible, even at WalMart. This was taken on the way out to the car after shopping for a while. I had the camera with me in the store, and on the way to the car I stopped, turned around, and took this photo.

Good thing no alligators were present. Any one of these boys would have been a tasty morsel for a decent sized gator.

Having your camera on trips to the library can be cause for celebration as well. These next three shots are from behind the Melbourne (Fee Avenue) branch of the Brevard County Public Library System. Do you have a library card?

This last one was taken at Goode Park in Palm Bay, Florida, a couple of miles from our home. It's in the back of a neighborhood and is well hidden. But, it has a boat ramp, so it gets plenty of use. I took some great manatee shots here one evening.


Hammer said...

Excellent. You should go professional. You certainly have the eye for it.

scribbit said...

That was some sunset. Who knew Walmart could produce such loveliness?

And are you serious about the gator thing? Are they that common?

JAM said...

Thanks Hammer. I never had the killer instinct it takes to be a pro photographer. They are a dime a dozen, and I'm afraid my family and I would starve. You're competing with lots of other folks and I'm not very competitive. Engineering school was hard, and the work is too, sometimes, but so few people are getting degrees in engineering any more that companies are crying for them. I wouldn't mind branching out and making some side money though, if I could figure out how to go about it.

Scribbit, I'm sorta kiddin' about the alligator thing. Those signs are all over the place here, just in case. There are alligators around, but in locations like in the photo with the marina and a boat ramp and lots of movement in the water, they are a rare sight. In more secluded areas, they're definitely around. Every year we get reports of alligators coming out of the water and eating people's dogs. Also, in the last six months in the Orlando area (one hour away by car) there have been a few human attacks by gators too. On one occasion, the police heard a man screaming, and jumped into the water and helped free a homeless man from an alligator's grip. I think he lost his arm, but lived. So it is serious, but not very likely where that photo was taken. I like the gator signs though, and have a couple more I've taken on my blog HERE and HERE.