Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Gonzo! Photography Carnival in Two Days (Monday the 26th)

Photo Carnival

I'm a member of Blog Village (that button at the top of my side bar will take you there), where there are a whole bunch of family friendly blogs, and they're having a Photography Carnival on Monday, February 26.

The guidelines say that there's supposed to be a pic of me, a family member, or a friend on the post. The post I chose to add to the carnival is one of my older Sunday Picture Posts that has one of my very favorite photos of Lovely Wife, when we were merely engaged (many moons ago).

If you get a few minutes to spare on Monday, you might click on the banner above. It will take you to Points of Light, the photo blog of an photographer who does amazing work and is the actual host of the carnival.

But you can go to Points of Light right now and see Mr. Jordan's work. He's an amazing photographer, and I'd like to be as good as him when I grow up.

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