Friday, February 16, 2007

Photos Phor Phriday

I don't have any stories bubbling up in me, and it would sound lame if I forced something, so y'all are gettin' more pictures.

The first true vacation that Lovely Wife and I ever went on after we got married was in the summer of 1985. We were living Bossier City, Louisiana at the time (near Shreveport in northwest LA), and decided to go to Galveston, Texas for a long weekend. Of course, it was overcast and rainy the whole time, but we were young, in love, and Lovely Wife was pregnant with Number One Daughter. In other words, we didn't know any better. Still had a great time though.

I'm a sucker for those cheesy Sea World wanna-be places, and at the time, Galveston had one called Sea Arama. The places themselves might not be impressive, but the critters try just as hard in the little places as they do in the more famous big attractions.

These first three photos were taken at Sea Arama.

This seal wasn't sleeping, he was pretending to be as part of his act.

We also toured this old tall-masted ship, called the Elissa.

And finally, this was the roadside "sign" for Dinosaur Gardens in Moscow, Texas. Seen somewhere in east Texas on our way back to Bossier City.

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Hammer said...

I love galveston, the beach sucks but the food and Col bubbies surplus on the strand more than makes up for it.

The train museum and confederate airforce museum are really world class as well.