Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh. It's Wednesday, Not Thursday

My week just got one day longer.

All day yesterday, I racked my brain to try to come up with things for Thursday Thirteen, since it seems the rumors of it's demise were greatly exaggerated.

Every non-smoke break I took, I tried to think of stuff for the subject I decided on, and I get up this morning and realize...'s only Wednesday.

I had prepared for Thursday, but nothing for Wednesday.

And y'all have been reading here long enough to know that when I'm out of ideas, I post pictures. I have enough of them for the next two or three decades. Even if I never pick up a camera again.

All of these were taken in the summer of aught six, just after I bought my digital slr. All are in either Palm Bay, or Melbourne, along the Indian River Lagoon (intracostal waterway).

This is at a marina in Melbourne, Fl. A really nifty place to walk around.

A piece of fiberglass, presumably from some old boat, all encrusted with barnacles or whatnot. Someone had poked it into the sand along the Indian River Lagoon in Palm Bay.

So that's what the inside of a boat looks like. Deck shoes ready to work.

A flag on a back road near Castaways Point Park in Palm Bay.

A boid poses with the Melbourne Causeway in the background.

[P.S. I'm not a smoker, but noticed that the smokers at work take A LOT of breaks. I tend to get lost in what I'm doing and will zone out in my work for hours. So now I make myself take a break now and then, which I call non-smoke breaks.]


julie said...

WOnderful sites in your neck of the woods! I've seen more from you then from my son! Sheesh!! I'm so glad Travis gave you props!

JAM said...

I'll have to take a photo excursion down to Vero one day and then post the results. We like driving around down there and haven't been in a while.

scribbit said...

I'm with you, I love taking pictures and could happily post those instead of written posts. I'd really like to take a photography class though because I generally stink as a photographer and could use some pointers.

That marina looks wonderful. To spend a day walking there would be fabulous.

Anonymous said...

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