Monday, February 12, 2007

Photos of My Parents

One good thing about working with all the different photos that I work with is that when I get tired of doing one kind of work I can work on another, which takes a different process and holds my interest.

Flatbed scans, slide scans, negative scans; they all require a different work approach.

Digital photographers love to use the term term "work flow" to describe their individual way of working with photos in Photoshop, or in my case, Photoshop Elements.

Lately I've been working with my digital photos from my Nikon D70s, like the ones I posted yesterday, and I'm pretty tired of it.

Yesterday evening, I sat to do some more and was bored in about 20 seconds. I decided to take a couple of the flatbed scans of my family's old photos that I scanned when Lovely Wife and I were in Louisiana after Christmas, and work on those.

Some are in bad shape, and it was fun to get lost in the details of trying to make them better. Some of these are left pretty much as is, like the one of my mother as a child, where the image is obviously beat up around the edges. I tried to work on repairing it, but I think I need a digital pen and pad to be able to do that type of detailed work with any great success.

The others were in decent shape physically, so the worst thing about them was getting rid of spots and stains and bringing them back from being so faded.

These are all photos of my parents as children and young adults.


Hammer said...

Terrific work. I've got a ton of photos that need preserving.

I'm going to go buy a scanner to at least copy them before they turn to dust.

Travis said...

That's great that you can save these old photos. I should get my folks working on a similar photo project. They have all the equipment, as well as the time.

JAM said...

It's fun to me to do this, and I can sit and do one or as many as I feel like. I know that with all of the photos I have, it's going to take years to digitize everything, so I just do some here and there. Eventually I'll get them all.

But even some is better than none.

Norma said...

Love those drapes!

JAM said...

Norma, yeah, those drapes and the pattern on the rug seems like it would make you dizzy just to walk across the room.