Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Media and Christianity

After the American Football Conference Championship game two and a half weeks ago, in which the Indianapolis Colts beat the New England Patriots to get into the Super Bowl for the first time since 1971, both the Colts's team owner, Jim Irsay, and it's coach, Tony Dungy, gave glory and credit and thanks to God.

Much ado was made about Lovee Smith and Tony Dungy being the first black NFL head coaches to coach a team in the Super Bowl, not to mention the first two black head coaches to coach against one another in the Super Bowl.

Rightly so. It's a whole new level they've opened up for minorities.

I have no problem with that, we live in a country where people still believe that black quarterbacks can't be great, much less great head coaches. I can see the appeal of harping on the first black Super Bowl coaches angle, but it's also easy to talk about two black NFL head coaches in the Super Bowl, because it's politically correct to do so, so the media were all over it.

The main stream media LOVES them some political correctness.

Christianity is not socially acceptable.

Christianity is the antithesis of political correctness.

Christianity is the source of all evil and wars in the world in the minds of some.

The media was quite silent about person after person after person getting ahold of the microphone after the AFC Championship game and after the Super Bowl, and giving thanks and credit to God.

I've seen mention of it on Christian media outlets, and we've talked about it at work among those of us who are Christians, but the silence of the main stream media on the subject was pretty loud.

I do not expect non-Christians to see such open displays of faith as Jim Irsay (Colts owner) and Tony Dungy after the Super Bowl, then drop to their knees and repent and turn to Jesus.

I'm not the sharpest pencil in the cup, but even I don't expect that.

It was just very noticeable to me, that all of the press was on the black coach and Peyton Manning finally winning a big game angles.

Jim Irsay and the Colts organization, EVERYONE, players, coaches, hot dog vendors, janitors were brought to the Super Bowl and given tickets to the game.

Jim Irsay and Tony Dungy want the whole Colts organization to be a family, and they all go to great lengths to treat one another as family. I heard one mention of that on Sunday evening.

As I get older, I continue to lose more and more respect for the main stream media.

Yeah, they still wield huge power, but their power has been lessened somewhat by the new media of the internet.

But the main stream media is still in the driver's seat of what we talk and think about on a daily basis.

They are losing power all the time though; thank goodness.

Their trumpeting of the "first black coaches in the Super Bowl" angle was ok, up to a point. I just feel that the media totally ignored another story that kept smacking them in the face.

MY POINT is that the Christianity that BOTH coaches and the Colts owner live in front of their players, and everyone that work for or with them, has helped to create two great teams with two whole organizations that treat EVERYBODY concerned as family.

And the main stream media said nothing about it.

Congratulations to the Bears and Colts for making it to the Super Bowl, and to the Colts for winning.

But those guys who had the courage to, on national TV, give thanks to God as the first thing out of their mouths when the microphones were shoved in their faces, really blessed me.

It's hard to be forthright and fearlessly live what you believe in this country sometimes, and they were great examples in the course of this season.

I can't find the exact quote, but I remember seeing a tape where Tony Dungy said something like, "These aren't the greatest players I've ever worked with, but they are the best group of people I've ever worked with."

The emphasis on quality, on and off the field, has paid off for them.

Nobody's perfect, and these men certainly aren't but they have the courage to say what they believe in their hearts, and I admire that.

That's my $0.02, carry on.


Hammer said...

I notice that people that win are are trying to win sports contests talk about god a lot.

It seems to be acceptable and encouraged ( since we live in the bible belt) Not sure if they do the same in the North East.

JAM said...

It's just not that common any more to do that. I know for many it would be annoying, but it was obviously a big part of these men's lives.

And you're right, I guess I see this type of thing more in the sports world, Evander Holyfield would usually do the same thing.